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The Q & A of COVID-19 or the novel corona virus, What are the precautions?

  • TeamPresentMirror | Updated: March 25, 2020, 8:04 a.m.

This one is a serious misconception circulating in the mediums like social media and among scholars of the popular WhatsApp university. Corona Virus is the section 144 of nature. The virus takes at least 14 days to show symptoms in a healthy young person. Till then that person is a carrier of the virus. There is a medical technique to wash hands. Stop becoming a death warrant for your loved ones.


What are the steps one should take? Are there any precautions, the Dos and Donts? In this piece we try to answer all questions about the novel corona virus or COVID-19.

  1. What is a Corona Virus?
  2. Coronaviruses are large group of viruses that are responsible for causing illness in humans as well as animals. Sometimes animal corona viruses can also evolve and pass on to humans as in case with with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2003 and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in 2014. The one which is declared a pandemic is the Novel Coronavirus or as called by WHO COVID-19.

  3. Is this virus airborne, how does it spread?
  4. COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus is not airborne and spreads through droplets when the sick sneezes or coughs, the entire one metre periphery is contaminated. The virus can live for hours on hard surfaces. It transmits in your body when you touch such surface or infected stuff through your hands and then touch your face with those hands, the virus goes in through mouth, eyes and nostrils. Hence it is advised to keep a one metre distance with every person in a public place and wash your hands regularly.

  5. Should the places to eat and drink be avoided?
  6. As much as possible any crowded place should be avoided. Avoid eating in restaurants and gathering in pubs and bars as much as possible. Order and eat at home if possible. Any means of public gathering containing a large number of people should be avoided. Social distancing is the way forward.

  7. Can eating non vegetarian food cause the spread of disease?
  8. Nothing as such has been proven yet. Even WHO doesn’t find any relation whatsoever between non vegetarian food and COVID-19. But indeed the food that is to be eaten should be hot and not half cooked. There is no danger in eating a properly cooked non vegetarian food at home.

  9. Why should I be worried, it affects only old people?
  10. The most important fact people need to understand is that, young people are carriers acting like driver of virus. The virus takes atleast 14 days to show symptoms in a healthy young person. Till then that person is a carrier of the virus. Mostly those who are affected are elderly and unhealthy. The virus might just stay in your healthy body for too long and give you just a flu but for the elderly you are already a death warrant. Yes, you become death warrant of COVID-19 for your old parents and grandparents.

  11. What are the precautions that one can take to self quarantine their homes?
  12. Self quarantine is always a good idea and who doesn’t want hygiene in their homes. Keep a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and spray it daily on your tiles and clothes before washing them. Keep karpur or camphor in your clothes and sheets. Make sure everyone in your home follows a strict code of hygiene. Take care to wash your hands regularly before and after every small and big travel that you might do. Teach the same to your children. Make sure waste in your dustbins are properly disposed and sealed in garbage bags.

  13. Can drinking alcohol save me from the curse of corona virus?
  14. This one is a serious misconception circulating in the mediums like social media and among scholars of the popular WhatsApp university. Viruses are killed at concentrated volumes of alcohol. Drinking such concentration may cause irreparable damage to your liver.

  15. Should religious gatherings be avoided?
  16. Yes, all sorts of gatherings be avoided. In a public place keep at least a metre distance from every individual. Anyways the scriptures of all religions maintain that God is Omnipresent ie everywhere. Act on that and follow worship at home principle. In south Korea reason for spread came out to be a religious gathering at Church

  17. If need be how many people can gather at a time?
  18. Corona Virus is the section 144 of nature. Respect the nature’s call and be safe. Gathering of 4 people or less that too with utmost care should be done. More the number of people more the chances of getting spread. Safest way is to use different media for communication like voice and video conferencing and stay home as much as possible.

  19. What types of masks should one wear, any precautions while wearing the same?
  20. Masks should be worn only if you are visiting a suspected contaminated place or you are sick. A healthy person need not wear any mask. Preferably N-95 or PM-2.5 pollution masks with respirators should be worn. While wearing mask take care to not touch your mask with hands often, this habit may contaminate your masks and render it useless. Touch your masks only after washing your hands. Also the mask that you are wearing should cover entire face except eyes and ears.

  21. Are there any exercises to keep me healthy from this virus?
  22. Indeed there are various breathing exercises that one should do because ultimately the virus attacks your respiratory system. Various types of pranayams in yoga can be done to keep your respiratory system healthy like Bhastrika, Kapal Bhati, Anulom Vilom, Ujjayi etc. But a regular schedule is a mandate that needs to be followed for any kind of exercises.

  23. What type of sanitizers be used, any things to take care?
  24. WHO has given general guidelines for the use of sanitizers. The sanitizer should contain Ethanol 80% (v/v) or Isopropyl alcohol 75% (v/v) along with Glycerol 1.45% (v/v) and Hydrogen peroxide 0.125% (v/v). However, most doctors are of opinion that a sanitizer with 60 percent alcohol content can be used.

  25. Is there a specific technique to wash hands?

  26. img

    Source: Patient Safety guidelines of World Health Organisation

    There is a medical technique to wash hands. Hands should be thoroughly washed from all sides. The specific procedure as per WHO is given below.

  27. Is there a specific way to sneeze?
  28. img img

    The right way to sneeze

    Whenever you sneeze, sneeze in to a tissue, a handkerchief or your elbow. Never sneeze in open or your empty hands. Sneezing is the most significant factor in the spread of this deadly virus

  29. What should be the final course of action at personal level?
  30. At personal level, only way one can save this beautiful earth from this virus by acting as if we already have it and each one of us are having this virus. Act like we are already carriers of this virus and take all precautions in stopping its spread. Wash your hands. Stay away from everyone. Try to minimise your contacts with people maximum. Use isopropyl alcohol and spray in your surroundings. Disinfect your clothes. Don't go to villages and meet your elderly people. Stop becoming a death warrant for your loved ones.

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