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Setting rumours aside, Kim Jong Un is back

  • Team PresentMirror | Updated: May 4, 2020, 7:36 a.m.

Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea, made his first public appearance after 20 days. His presence, as confirmed by KCNA (Korea Central News Agency) quashed all rumours about his deteriorating health and possibility of death. He inaugurated the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory, built as production base for Juche fertitilizer on the occasion of May Day. Mr. Kim’s sister Kim Yo Jong was also present in the ceremony.


Kim Jong Un cutting ribbon at Fertilizer factory

The report published on KCNA website said that “Amid the welcome music, Kim Jong Un came out to the ceremony. All the participants broke into thunderous cheers of "hurrah!" extending the greatest glory to the Supreme Leader who has brought about a new change in the development of Juche-based fertilizer industry and has led the grand revolutionary advance for strengthening self-supporting economy to a victory with his outstanding leadership”.

Kim Jong Un had appeared in a ribbon cutting ceremony for the completion of the factory and was warmly received with thunderous cheers. Mr. Kim, with deep emotion, remembered ex-President Kim II Sung and Chairman Kim Jong II for their work to solve the food problem for the people. He also praised the builders, scientists and technicians associated with the work. Mr. Kim was briefed about the production facility of the factory.

He said that now farmers can concentrate all their efforts on attaining the grain goal set forth by the party. He also set forth tasks and ways for developing the chemical industry in the country.

The ceremony has put an end to all the speculations arising about the leader. Mr. Kim, in his mid thirties, had never missed birth anniversary of his grandfather, Kim II Sung, since he took power. But he missed it this year on April 15, which led to rumours regarding his health. However there is a theory that he may have avoided it due to COVID-19 outbreak.

The South Korean Unification ministry, South Korea’s Unification said that “In this occasion, the baseless reports on North Korea caused unnecessary economic, security and social costs and confusion in our society”.

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