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  • venus-planet-outer-space-near-sun_1412-311.jpg
    Scientists at NASA find traces of Life on Venus

    Venus has always been compared to women and femininity, and like it has been called, recently Venus has found to have hints of life on it just like a woman is capable of carrying a life. We always have had atmospheric models that show that Venus once had as much water as Earth does. This discovery sure has opened new doors of possibilities within the Solar System.

  • wuhanlab.jpg
    Chinese virologist claims she has gleaning evidence to prove that COVID-19 was made in Wuhan lab

    Coronavirus whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan said in a new interview she has sufficient proof that China was aware of human-to-human COVID-19 transmission as long ago as December 2019. The Hong Kong-based virologist has already reported in one of her previous interviews that China didn't acknowledge human-to-human transmission until mid January although infection has started spreading from late December. Now, in one of her latest interviews, she unfurls more.

  • Eht52uDVkAIbCeA.jpg
    10th Sino Satellite failure : Chinese Satellite Gaofen-02C launch fails to reach orbit, crashes

    Chinese satellite launcher Kuaizhou-1A crashed adding to the 10th such failure in the Hall of Fame of Failed launches in the world on 12th September. The official confirmation of the failure was provided by the state media hours after the launch. The specific reasons for the failure are still not known and are being analysed. The failure should not be surprising given the history of such occurrences for a Made in China product.


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