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    COVID-19 vaccines get required thrust as several vaccines get cleared for Phase 3 trials

    As India prepares itself to welcome the festive season with the same grandeur and razzmatazz, staying well inside the 'Laxman Rekha', Subject Expert Committee (SEC) has recommended granting of permission to conduct Phase III clinical trials for indigenous Covaxin. Alongside, the Herculean efforts of scientists worldwide to develop a vaccine against Covid-19 are seeing positive results and a fast-tracked vaccine is very likely by mid 2021.

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    Charlie Hebdo and Paty beheading: Cue for World to learn from the French

    The French have retaliated to the Paty beheading, by displaying large hoardings of Charlie Hebdo cartoons on Governmental buildings under complete security. The gesture by French to not bow down to elements of Hate is an inspirational example for countries like India, where the fundamental rights like Freedom of Speech are subject to mercy of one community.

  • Indian-Space-startup-boost-Agnikul.png
    Big Indian Space startup boost: Agnikul inks deal with Alaska aerospace

    The juvenile Chennai aerospace startup incepted in the year 2017, has inked an agreement with Alaska Aerospace to test launch its Vehicle titled Agnibaan. The small, nano, micro rocket maker's main idea is to help its customers launch vehicles economically. This is beginning of a new era in private space industry of India given the fact that government is laying the ground with the Space 2.0 initiative.


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