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    Indo - US ties : Growing but distanced

    The US- Indian relationship is a delicate one. It goes through the trials of time in any crisis present in the world. The relationship started on a tense note, with noteworthy events of our closeness with the erstwhile Soviet Union and their closeness to China. It is after the 90s that a more close relationship emerged after the fall of the Soviet Union. Since then, we have gotten close but therein lies a long journey of trust and cooperation

    South African strain-a threat to vaccines?

    A coronavirus variant identified in South Africa has been suggested to be more infectious by initial evidence and reports show more young people getting infected with the new strain. But what really raises our concern is that some scientists are impugned about the capacity of vaccines. They doubt that the South African strand may not be as vulnerable to COVID-19 vaccines as other strains.

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    Trump’s claims gain strength, as Pakistani ISI links emerge in US elections

    US Elections 2020, the most crucial event for every American citizen and the whole world which took place in the month of November 2020 is now being questioned for being fair due to many reasons combined. One such reason surfaced recently which claims that there are certain “foreign links” associated with the alleged rigging of US Elections, and to be more precise, the Pakistani ISI.

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    The new variant of COVID-19 : Should you worry?

    Thanks to the new variant, the city of London has almost become unrecognisable at this time of the year, when it is otherwise bustling and crowded with happy faces. Meanwhile, over 40 countries have cut off travel ties with the U.K. to prevent its spread including India. The new strain is much more contagious but is it more deadly?

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    Is the new COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer even safe to use?

    The United States Food and Drug Administration issued its first emergency use Authorization (EUA) for Pfizer. This followed approvals by the UK, Canada, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Mexico. Clinical trials have shown this mRNA-based vaccine, and a similar one produced by Moderna, to be between 90-95% effective in preventing Covid-19 infections. However, the one immune from the aftereffects of vaccine is not you but the vaccine itself. Ironical much?

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    Astronomers detect first fast radio burst in our Milky Way galaxy and it traces back to a cosmic monstrosity better known as a Magnetar

    While the concept of radio bursts isn't new to scientists, this is the first time Earth has remained a witness to such extra mundane radiation. Fast radio bursts are bright bursts of radio waves from astronomical objects across galaxies. In a first, FRB 200428 was accompanied with X-rays and could be traced to a magnetar.


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