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To 'who' is Left asking questions on employment and industrialisation in Bengal?

  • Soumava Hazra | Team PresentMirror | Updated: March 23, 2021, 8:36 p.m.

Using deceit and deception is a part of politics. Anyone not doing so in today's era due to some moralistic, altruistic or nihilistic reason will fail miserably. But CPM asking big questions on employment, industrialisation, and income opportunities in the state of West Bengal is ironical, considering the party they should be asking these questions is actually CPM themselves.


Recently, the Left along with Congress have released their manifesto for the West Bengal elections. “The employment scenario in the state is "abysmal" under the TMC rule, with "no investment" in the industrial sector and "corruption in the government's recruitment process", the Left parties alleged.

In their 16-page manifesto, Specific and effective policies will also be formulated to build large scale industries, the CPM said. The mainfesto talked about the information technology, biotechnology, agri-based industries as the thrust areas, and emphasised on the need to set up units in steel, electronics, automobile, petrochemicals, power, cement, garments and leather sectors to create large-scale employment, ironically the very issues they opposed when Left parties were in power in West Bengal.

Whenever CPM talks about employment, jobs, and income opportunities, which they are ceremoniously and shamelessly doing through their young turks like Satarup Ghosh and Minakshi Mukherjee, it's like slapping yourself on the face. After draining the state off its wealth and resources, shutting down industries, putting English to class IV in WB schools, hounding and ruining so many businesses, bedding people and giving them the business, whom their little cheerleaders now call bohiragoto, to making this a debt-ridden region, the Left front did everything to ensure that Bengal loses out economically, and they remain relevant politically.

Now, some didi or dada, sitting in Bangalore or Mumbai, or Noida, or Gurugram, ranting on social media, “why "outsider" party is detrimental for the culture, and how Left will generate jobs” won’t change the hard facts engrained in the hostrory. In spite of not having urbanisation or industrialisation, 2 lakh+ people are living in slums in Kerala. Kerala Model is a bogus narrative fabricated by CPM, showcasing affluent minority that thrived on petro-dollars from Gulf. The real Kerala is still in slums.


slums1 Image files : A child braving floods in the slums of West Bengal contrasting to Kerala

It's amazing how still Bengal managed to be the only vibrant region in the east to give jobs to so many migrants from neighbouring states. The saga of the brightest folks from this state started long back. It only got compounded and hit its zenith during the last 10 years.

A party that opposed computer is now taking about modernisation. A party that has only made the poor, poorer, and rich, richer, while enriching its syndicate, talks about the proletariat like a parrot. Before TMC came to the power, it was CPM who ruled over Medinipur and the rest Baam Durgo or Left Bastion. They didn't do anything with the infrastructure and civic amenities. When Ms. Mukherjee visits those villagers in Nandigram and uses that charade, those roads, houses and drinking water conditions should act as a contrasting mirror.

It's only normal considering that's how Communism and Marxism work. You cannot be a messiah of the poor if there's no poverty. Class struggle thrives on poverty. I have seen their Borgadari in birbhum with my own eyes. The party got the lands of the Bourgeoise class through those armed and violent peasants, but the latter got peanuts. This is the Left in a nutshell. A sham and scam in the name of democracy. Sorry, communism in power is mutually exclusive with democracy. Everything else is a lie.

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