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Tanishq Controversy : An attempt to envelope the bitter truth via ad

  • Ankita Mukherjee | Team PresentMirror | Updated: Oct. 17, 2020, 10:59 a.m.

Tanishq is facing strong criticism from the Hindu community for posting an ad that allegedly promotes ‘Love Jihad.’ In the video, a Hindu woman’s baby shower was being celebrated by her Muslim in-laws. The Muslim community, in general, does not celebrate “god bharai” like Hindus. After the backlash, Tanishq pulled out the ad and posted a half-hearted ‘apology’. However, the ad’s attempt to envelope truth may need a contrasting mirror called realism.


What could have possibly been Tanishq's motive behind putting such an advertisement; the concept of which itself is malicious and a big fraud?

Before we look for an answer to that, let's first break down the now removed advertisement and understand Tanishq's grotesque showcase of "unity".

1. The ad starts with a pregnant woman readied all traditional, wearing a sari is being taken to somewhere by another women who is wearing a salwar suit with her head covered in a dupatta.

2. While both the ladies are walking we can see, behind them some men in 'white topis' are busy decorating the house in what looks like some kind of Hindu lookalike decorations.

3. Now comes the main part. The curious pregnant sari wearing women stops for a moment to see that there's some nice sitting arrangement been done for her "Godhbharai".

4. Tanishq then proceeds onto showing us how on either sides of the sitting arrangement, two families belonging to two different religion are standing with all smiles and "supposed love" for one another waiting for their daughter.

5. Moving with the next scene in the advertisement : the pregnant Hindu girl now goes and sits and asks her mother-in law, all teary eyed, "Maa yeh rasam toh apke ghar mein hote bhi nahi hai na" (Meaning : Maa, all these rituals are not even performed in your house); to which the 'oh-so loving and caring Muslim mother-in-law' says, "Par bitiya ko khush rakhne ki rasam toh har ghar mein hoti hai" (Meaning : it's every house's ritual to keep their daughters happy).

As beautiful may the ad be presented, as unrealistic was the scene, for in reality there's no union of two families. It's abduction, luring, and or trapping of Hindu Girls by fraudulency, women being forcibly converted to Islam and sadly many end up losing their lives. And the families of these Hindu Girls run frantically to get their daughters justice even though it was their daughter's own choice, that too after falling for these fruity fictitious advertisements.

Bitter truth for Hindu women that the ad fails to show

It is sadistical that a culture, that practices things like "Nikah Halala, Nikah Mutah, Taharrush , stoning of women, FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), Women getting punished for reporting rape (if they fail to produce ‘4’ witnesses), etc. engraved in their religious ideology be represented otherwise far from the actual truth.

How and why did Tanishq expect to not face any sort of outrage? Also note how the Hindu girl is shown calling her Muslim mother-in law “Maa” – which is not just a mere term for Hindus to address their mothers, but holds a more deeper meaning binded with pure and genuine love for “motherhood. Implicating that a Hindu girl can call her Muslim mother-in law “Maa” is indeed a gesture of love but to a cult that calls it’s women “Aurat”, which literally means “a women’s genitalia” or a “ sharmgah ”- the place of shame, it is ironical. It’s best for the sane people to imagine what respect, dignity, and value a woman is subjected to; let alone for motherhood.

Do not marry polytheistic women until they believe; for a believing slave-woman is better than a free polytheist, even though she may look pleasant to you. And do not marry your women to polytheistic men until they believe, for a believing slave-man is better than a free polytheist, even though he may look pleasant to you. Surat Al-Baqarah [verse 221]

Moreover, since when did a Hindu woman remain a Hindu post her "Nikah" with a "Muslim" ? Conversion is almost mandatory as per islamic laws. According to an admission by Muslim Scholar Zakir Naik, 80 percent coversions in the past were forcible . Police found out money to be reason behind many such conversions. In fact there's a whole racket active that was busted in Hyderabad, just to convert "Hindu Girls" by honey trapping them, and sadly what helps into executing such heinous plans; projections and narratives is an ad like that of Tanishq or Surf excel. Not just that, there are rates labelled and fixed on Hindu girls, based on the region, and or their castes, etc.


Image file : A piece in Samna, stating conversion rates for different Hindu girls

Trained criminals are given money depending upon the region, caste, etc. of the Hindu girl- money to trap these girls and convert them into Islam. And these are no different from what happens in Pakistan, and Bangladesh with the Hindu girls. NIA had also busted a racket of Dawa Squads in Kerala. A Times Now report blows the lid off such heinous rackets.

The Law of the land, a party to conversion?

There are several instances where even the court of law has stated the reality that are otherwise kept deliberately under wraps; for instance in the case of inheritance of property by a son of a couple named Mohammad Ilias and Valiamma; look at what the top court had to say about a Hindu woman having the rights to own her Muslim husband's property: If a Hindu woman enters into a matrimonial with a Muslim man without converting to Islam beforehand, the marriage would neither be “regular” nor “valid”, under the existing laws. While the wife in such a case will be entitled to dower (mehr), she cannot inherit her husband’s property, the Supreme Court (SC) has ruled .

Another case where the top court rules out that a Hindu-Muslim marriage is not valid : The court says marriage of a Hindu woman to a Muslim man is not regular and invalid. However, the child born out of such a wedlock is legitimate; along with stating how the Hindu wife is entitled to only get dower from her Muslim husband but has not right over her Muslim husband’s properties.

These rulings are in complete contrast to all the laws and regulations and restrictions pertaining to a Hindu husband; and all the rights that any woman married to a Hindu man can use and misuse. Considering that India is a secular democracy such rulings results in encouraging injustice to Hindu women and making conversions mandatory.

Tanishq’s Apology, not so apologetic

Tanishq's removal of the advertisement after facing huge backlash, and then it's "supposed apology note" is not out of their change of heart, and or understanding the seriousness and their grotesque representation of unity; that note is a justification of their act, furthering their narrative building and then accusing the people who objected to their narrative building very subtly with the last two lines of their notes that clearly states, they are removing the ad as they don't want to compromise with the safety and security of their staffs and people working with them. This sounds more like a victimised justification than a clear apology.

This advertisement will traumatise any sane Hindu girl who has read her history; who knows Girija Tickoo , who knows what happened in Direct Action Day and the post Independence era, who's heard about India's very own Rothadam Grooming Case : the Ajmer Case; who knows what Hindu women were subjected to in the 1989's exodus, who knows how even after being respected by her own community, she has been tormented and attacked most by men from other communities - and how a Hindu woman in her own country, feels unsafe and unprotected as the Indian government and Indian law refuse to grant her protection from vultures that want to eat her up since she is nothing more than a war booty for them.

The Truth which none of these outlets, and including the government and the so-called "Women empowering" media houses and or organizations will show you is, how every minute across this country, there is some Hindu girl becoming a victim of this cult" - how these blinded by love and secularism, girls fall prey to the propaganda, and end up either in a suitcase bag like Mansi Tripathi, killed like Lakshmipathi or buried like Priya . All the while from mainstream media to educational institutions to movies to even political parties promoting their fictitious narratives of love thereby trying to envelope the starking truth.

A parallel incident of Anjana Tiwari alias Ayesha, a mirror for Tanishq’s attempt to hide reality


Image File : A woman set herself on fire outside the office of the Bharatiya Janata Party located in front of the Vidhan Sabha.

Anjana alias Ayesha was earlier married to Akhilesh Tiwari. After converting and getting married to a man named Asif, Asif left her and went to Saudi after marriage. According to the woman, Asif's family members were constantly torturing her, due to which she set herself on fire , a contrasting mirror to Tanishq’s propaganda. Anjana reportedly has succumbed to her injuries.

Silence on other way round case of Rahul Rajput lynching

Tanishq’s ad have become such a talking point that eminent intellectuals like Shashi Tharoor have series of tweets and post to speak about it. However, what is not even mentioned is lynching of Rahul Rajput. A Hindu youth was beaten to death in a broad daylight by family of the Muslim girl he loved, but that doesn’t seem important enough to people vocal in the Tanishq controversy. What happened to 19-year-old Rahul is a clear inflection point for such skewed propaganda. A unity cannot be made on one sided lies and falsehood.

To showcase this fake narrative of unity, Tanishq was nonetheless left to use a Sanskrit word "Ekatvam" daring to twist it's meaning and making it "Oneness in unity" when the original meaning is "Oneness in Quality". Needless to say, this is how our culture, traditions, rituals, and everything else is appropriated and then launched as some kind of secular brotherhood love and gullible ignorant masses whose source of information and understanding is limited to reading khan market news, keep falling prey to such heinous vendetta while those who understands these sinister and disgusting agenda are shamed publicly for speaking their mind. The peer pressure bias is such that women are forced to show rakshabandhan as patriarchal while hijab as a symbol of freedom.

A Hindu Women Protection Act against the forced conversions has become the need of the hour to protect sanctity of Hindu women trapped in such fraudulent wedlocks. And, it is expected of the government to show the intent towards justice and give the women a protection by law, or is their otherwise ‘women empowering whataboutery’ have no place for Hindu women, thereby denying them safety and protection.

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