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Media consultant allegedly linked with Ministry of Ayush, abuses Hindus, compares PM Modi to Ravana

  • Team PresentMirror | Vishwaksen, Sahoo | Updated: Nov. 15, 2020, 10:34 p.m.

The failure of the Hindu society to define its identity in crystal clear terms has given rise to a plethora of problems. Not only has it resulted in great confusion among the Hindus themselves but also it has provided a golden opportunity to its enemies to manipulate ignorant Hindus against their own faith and nation. Similar is the case of Niharika Singh, who claims to be Media consultant at Ministry of Ayush, a proud Marxist, takes pride in abusing the PM and Hindus.


“Rama was timid man, a patriarch a misogynist and sita got succumbed into her conditionings even without a fight for her own race. And the writer was a male. Such god and goddesses, i tell you, they only deserve to be dethroned not celebrated. Happy Diwali, period.” These words full of misinformation and hatred towards one faith is of Niharika Singh, someone who claims to represent the government. Whenever such words been uttered about any other faith, an entire city is burnt. We all know what happened in Bangalore. The moot question here is, ‘Should such people of hate be allowed a free run to do so’?

Niharika Singh calls herself a proud Marxist, wants to burn Deities of Hinduism and Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. Each post of hers is laced with propaganda and hatred towards those she politically and socially disagrees with. His disagreement is marred with hatred selectively towards one faith. Her words denigrating faith of Hindus is not of confusion, but a deliberate attempt towards propaganda. She doesn’t seem to hide her hatred or make any attempts towards it. Is that what Marxism makes people to be? A propaganda hate machine?

punjab_dussehara Image File : A post shared by Niharika Singh where she wants to Burn Lord Manu and PM Modi

Niharika in her blog says, “When I say I am Godless I don’t mean to say ‘ I am smarter than you -theists’ because when I say Godless or atheist – I am saying I am agnostic, clueless about the roots being the tree and it’s never the say of pleasure, my fellow theists!”. And it is abundantly clear that she is clueless about things she asserts, misinformation being the seed of her ongoing hatred.

Her misunderstanding of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita is clearly visible in her posts on social media. Ironically, she is a Hindu who is vehemently opposing the causes of her own community, plagued by total ignorance of her identity and culture. Her understanding of Sati, which has no scriptural backing as a compulsory practice is skewed and reeks of knowledge drought that is prevalent in the minds of youth of this present generation. So is her understanding of the epic Ramayana. Hence, she is also factually incorrect.

According to Valmiki Ramayana, Shri Ram never told Sita to give an agnipariksha, she herself did so. As per Adhyatm Ramayana, this was a Leela of Prabhu, to get Devi Sita back from the auspicious Fire. The entire incident with scriptural reference is explained here.

The moot problem with such Hindus is they have got completely detached from their roots and have absolutely no idea about their ancient and glorious cultural heritage that has a foot print of thousands of years. They can never understand the importance of Maryada Purshottam or his Rajdharma, neither they have the ability to fathom purity of Goddess Sita. Their understanding is limited to Marxist literature and its reach, their shackled intellect is never free to see things in the light of truth. To understand Ramayana, the first prerequisite is an open mind.

For Ramayana, a rather long journey of over umpteen millennia, has been lost in skewed understanding and translation. It has hence become convenient for most of those who despise it to abuse it the way they want. But there comes a time when the universe draws individuals into exploring the truth and once on that path, it becomes difficult to live with an untruth, however convenient it may be, thus upholding Dharma yet again. It is because that truth has been victim of Marxist interpretation full of lies and misinformation, it gives room for an open mind for its resurgence.

This beautiful rendition by Pocket Films should be watched by every Indian Woman if they want to understand the true character of Sita.

Niharika seems to be inspired by Umar Khalid who was recently arrested under UAPA for his alleged hand in flaming anti CAA riots in the National Capital.

fangirl Image Credits : Tatva India

The government has responded to allegations and has denied that there is no such Consultant available with the AYUSH Ministry. But Niharika has claimed to be an employee of Ministry of AYUSH. Is it that she has been lying about her position because as per few reports such a position does not even exist?

However, people have questioned this as the clarification seems to be contradictory in nature. Niharika has given a speech at Yoga Mahotsav 2019 organised by Ministry of Ayush and had posted that she was grateful to the Ministry for providing her the opportunity.

It is high time Hindus start giving attention to their identity and heritage as it plays the most vital role in the development of a person into a good, virtuous and noble human being. For that, Hindus need to revisit and reconnect with their roots from which their ties have got severed over time. Bharata was among the most prosperous countries at the pinnacle of its spiritual and cultural development. People like Niharika fail to understand that feeling. The utter indifference towards the truth solely has always lead to their downfall.

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