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Hathras Case : Exposing the Foreign links and the Soros connection

  • Vishwaksen | Updated: Oct. 10, 2020, 7:58 a.m.

The left liberal lobby again managed to garner unintended international attention towards Hathras incident. A letter has been sent to the United Nations to remove UP CM Yogi Adityanath as Chief Minister while completely ignoring the other side of the story.The peculiar thing about the politically motivated letter however is that the puppet organisations who were behind the letter have links with billionaire George Soros.


Recently, a group of 30 different UK based organizations, activists and NGOs wrote a letter to UN Human Rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet on the Hathras incident. The letter was also co-signed by 4 UK Labour Party MPs. The links of George Soros, the Man who broke the Bank of England to Labour party MPs are well known, since the time he has tried to buy them all on Brexit.

The lies of the letter to UN

The letter so read, “On 14th September a 19-year-old Dalit woman was gang-raped and assaulted with inhuman violence in Hathras in Uttar Pradesh (UP). Her spine was broken, paralysing all her limbs, her body grievously bruised and her tongue was brutally wounded.”


However, the girl was neither paralysed, nor was her spine broken or tongue cut, a press release by Hathras police rubbished such claims as hitjob of media houses and final autopsy report from AMU also rules out rape.


There are two contradicting statements and videos doing rounds in the social media of the victim as well as the mother. The first FIR filed by the brother mentions attempt to Murder but not rape. Now why would someone omit that or include later given the fact that Murder gives much harsher punishment than rape. Questions are being raised by the both sides on the incident, conduct of UP police, victim family’s refusal towards Narco and Polygraph Test, links with Congress, demand of 50 lakhs, recordings, videos screaming of propaganda, we have them all, but that is not our concern here. The case is handed over to the CBI and until the investigation concludes, any statements made before that will be a sign of prejudiced opinion.


Image File :The FIR copy filed on the day of the crime

Hence, the moot point here is not the incident but the global propaganda that revolves around it. The important link being is of the lesser known organizations and individuals overseas who tried to make this event escalate internationally.

One of the main signatories of this letter to UN is Adhrija Dey, a woman deeply connected to the Indian left. Adhrija is a post doctoral research fellow at SOAS University of London. She is also a part of a group known as SOAS India Society. This society says that its goal in their own words is “to promote awareness and understanding pertaining to India through events and discourse of the country’s place in the broader South Asia region and the world.”

Well, that is hardly what this society has engaged in, but firstly, its origins. On 23th Jan 2020, George Soros announced at the World Economic Forum meet at Davos that he will be starting an education fund known as Open Society University Network (OSUN) , which he also called the “most important and enduring project of my life.” In his own words, this fund was also important to resist the drift towards growing authoritarianism. On 24th Jan 2020, Soros claimed that “Modi is creating a Hindu nationalist state and threatening to deprive millions of Muslims of their citizenship.” Interestingly, SOAS is a university that is funded by the OSUN , and Adhrija Dey, a signatory of that letter is a faculty of the same university .

This self-proclaimed Marxist Adrija has a huge past of conducting such anti-India activities. In recent memory, SOAS India Society and Adhrija Dey have been a part of a protest done against the so called attack against students by masked goons in JNU , which was a big flop. They also did a protest this year on 26th January, India’s Republic Day outside the Indian Embassy in UK and raised anti-India slogans and separatist demands related to ‘Khalistan’ and Kashmir . The SOAS India society organised large scale protests against the CAA as well . Is it a mere coincidence that in every anti India protest in the UK, you will find that a George Soros linked organisation is involved?

This is not all. There is another organization involved, an organization by the name of South Asian Solidarity Group. A simple visit to their website opens up their true face. Everything that their organization has done has been against the current Narendra Modi regime. Among all their campaigns, they specifically run campaigns against the fake ‘Gujarat Genocide’ and ‘Narendra Modi’, not to mention their campaign for ‘Kashmir’. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this organization, along with SOAS and a third organization by the name of CasteWatch UK were a part of the anti-India protest that took place outside UK Embassy on 26th Jan this year. Upon a little more research, the South Asian Solidarity Group exposes itself as nothing but a proxy of the Communist Party of India’s proxy in the UK.

An official press release dated back to 2013 of the South Asian Solidarity Group was found on the official website of CPIM upon further research. What does the press release say? Well, it asks the House of Commons, UK’s equivalent to the Lok Sabha to withdraw the invitation extended to the then Gujarat CM Modi to address them. Except they didn’t address him as the Gujarat CM Modi, rather as Mass Murderer Modi.

The final straw and the connection of SOAS, South Asia Solidarity Group and CasteWatch UK to the Indian leftist-Marxist nexus is exposed when further digging is done expose the cat out of the hat.

On 5th October 2019, the South Asia Solidarity Group did an event on “Resisting Fascism, Building Solidarities, India, Kashmir and Beyond”. A lot of anti-nationals from UK attended the event such as a man named Satpal Muman of CasteWatch UK and Amrit Wilson of South Asia Solidarity Group, both them signatory of the letter to UN on Hathras. But one name that stood out was of Kavita Krishnan, a vocal leftist and a member of the Communist Party of India, and the editor of its monthly publication, Liberation. She operates in INDIA, not the UK, yet she went to the UK to conduct this particular event and spew venom against India, Indian Army, false lies about Kashmir and Hindus.


Image File : Satpal Muman with Kavita Krishnan

This is a video of Kavitha Krishnan from the same event. This video also contains a huge twitter thread of how these organizations spewed a lot venom against India and Narendra Modi in UK.

SDPI/PFI links to Hathras

Recently, another link to the Hathras got exposed as SIT has found links to PFI and SDPI. On 6th October 2020, the UP police arrested 4 people from PFI on their way to Hathras, all of whom were trying to create social ruckus and a caste-narrative of the sensitive Hathras case. All the four people are alleged to be from the extremist and militant Islamic fundamentalist organisation Popular Front of India, the PFI. Remember, this is the same PFI that has links with the Bengaluru riots. The key conspirator arrested by NIA is from the PFI.

However, this is not the first time the PFI has been accused of being involved in communal riots and violence as financer and conspirator. UP government has been seeking a ban on PFI last year over its links to the state-wide protests against the CAA, funding Shaheen Bagh in Delhi, and orchestrating the North-east Delhi riots that killed 53 people in February. The same PFI is known to hire senior lawyers like Indira Jaising who is already under watchlist for getting 4.1 crores worth donation from Open Society Foundations. The PFI chairman E Abubacker also heads Rehab India foundation which is under scanner for donations from Dubai during Delhi Riots.

As per reports , ED has allegedly found that Rs 100 crores foreign funding in accounts related to Popular Front of India (PFI) has been made after Hathras incident. Around Rs 50 crore seem to have come from Mauritius.

Just like Delhi riots, a nation wide Shaheen Bagh like protests were planned and details were put on a website titled “Justice for Hathras” that started overnight but was taken down as the police started probing their links.


Image File : Large scale Shaheen bagh like protests and violence were being planned through the website before taken down

It was a copy paste website of Black lives matter protest, having Amnesty international links and manual towards rioting all over the India.


Image File : Justice for Hathras website had links to Amnesty International, a left organisation which shut operations in India after the FCRA amendment


Image File : Snapshots of some content encouraging “riot” present in the Justice for Hathras website


Image File : Kashmir Separatist propaganda encouraged via Justice for Hathras website

The puppeteer of anti-India activities, Harsh Mander


Image File : Harsh Mander provoking Indian Union Muslim League for civil disobedience in Kerala against CAA and NRC

Harsh Mander was named in Delhi Police charge sheet as an instigator of the riots. “Mr. Harsh Mander, who visited the site on 16/12/19 and instigated the protesters to not have faith in the Supreme Court and to fight their battle on road to get justice. He, however, used a façade of peace in a part of his speech,” read the charge sheet .

CES, an organisation received heavy foreign funding in 2011 for welfare of children and help to victim of riots.



Image File : Funding Records of CES 2011-12

Harsh Mander was raided by IT department for ambiguity in funds. Mander in an interview to the wire justifying the same says that “CES has nothing to do with Karwan-E-Mohabbat. However, his funding debunks these claims.


Image File : The propaganda suggestive of clean chit by the leftist mouthpiece to Mander

Now recently, two of the child homes owned by Harsh Mander, Ummeed Aman Ghar and Khushi Rainbow Homes, were raided by NCPCR.

The same Rainbow homes has received Foreign funding in Mander’s CES.


Image File : FCRA annual returns of CES

Mander heads another organisation Karawan-e-Mohabbat instrumental in organising and funding Shaheen Bagh. Interestingly, the Aman Biradari Trust (the registered entity which seeks donations for Karwan e Mohabbat) is also giving the same address. So, the denial that CES is not linked to Karwan-E-Mohabbat is incorrect.


Image Credits : Sanpshot taken from Karwan-E-Mohabbat website

The recent FCRA amendments has been a big blow to Amitabh Behar, CEO of Oxfam India and treasurer of Mander’s CES. Amitabh vehemently opposed changes made to FCRA amendment act.

• Barclays bank transferred 3.25 crores to Oxfam India, when there was a lockdown worldwide and Mander’s Shaheen Bagh gang were involved in arranging bail for the arrested anti CAA rioters. Who was funding this and why?

• US based Indian Muslims Relief & Charity and UK based Minority Rights Group pumped money to Harsh Mander's CES during peak anti CAA-NRC riots for which PFI was held responsible, which raises questions on the motive of the donors and their timing of funding during Delhi Riots to Mander’s CES.

• Another CES donor Action for Hope claims to be "Leading Pan- Arab Cultural Organization”, however Harsh’s Mander NGOs have not been found to conduct any pan arab cultural initiatives. So, why is this organisation funding CES? Does it indicate of a dubious funding by • ISI • ?

• Oak Foundation, another organisation that is • shady • and has questionable character is found squeezing funds into CES.



Image File : FCRA Donations to Harsh Mander’s CES

Harsh Mander was also a key member of National Advisory Council, a private organisation formed by Sonia Gandhi to take decisions and form policies of the UPA. He had a say in various bills of UPA like Food security bill, Child labour bill, Land acquisition and rehabilitation bill and the infamous communal violence bill which was trashed by the parliament and government was forced to withdraw the same.
Harsh Mander is linked to the Ara Pacis Initiative (API). He is director of the API’s wing in India, Centre for Equity Studies, CES. API is linked to Italian government and secret service. Now who you may wonder be linked to Italians?

Harsh Mander is also the advisory board chairman of Open Society Foundations, the pet organisation of billionaire George Soros. It can hence be said that Mander is the connecting link between Sonia Gandhi and George Soros. So Mander’s role in Delhi riots, dubious funding and his hate speech, drubbing of SC in contempt of court, seem to be helping the PFI directly or indirectly. Can it be said Mander is also the guardian angel of PFI? No wonder he is waiting for his arrest counting each moment.


Image Credits : Twitter

With PM Narendra Modi as its leader, India is doing things its own way, rebuilding its cultural heritage and realizing that it was once the ‘Vishwa Guru’. Unfortunately, the global left-liberal nexus doesn’t seem to digest that. It hates that Modi’s policies have put a halt to activities of turning India into a playground of Marxism and Urban Naxalism, and their ringleader George Soros is trying his best to stop that. We, the citizens of the nation need to unite against such elements who try to divide the country through selective vulturism on issues like Hathras.

This report uses inputs by Journalist Neel Madhav Joshi.

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