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Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury: A Scamster in the face of a self-proclaimed Doctor

  • Jatin Kumar, Vishwaksen | Updated: May 22, 2020, 9:36 a.m.


In today’s world we come across different scam stories and culprits in fields of finance, education, politics, health care and many fields. Similar is the case of Dr. Biswaroop Roy, an adventurer cum philosopher cum engineer cum a fraud medical doctor, as he spreads baseless information creating a wave of panic and distrust in the field of medical science.


Dr. Biswaroop is really popular on internet for his claims of curing diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease,obesity, etc. through his self-created diet plan and no additional medications. He charges a whooping amount of Rs 21000, for each consultation, in which he claims to have created personalized diet plans himself for each patient to magically cure the above-mentioned diseases.

Degrees of Dr. Scamster and abuse of the “Dr.” title

The self-proclaimed doctor claims to hold a series of degrees. Most of these degrees are of participation and appreciation in events or some training programs done by volunteers. He proudly displays Ph.D. degree from Alliance International University, Zambia and that too in Philosophy. Basically, he wants to say that he has MPhil in Diabetes but there is no such degree. To get PhD in philosophy you need to do another Ph.D. in specific field but provided that you have master’s degree. But Dr Scamster has no valid master’s degree in the field of Medicine or Endocrinology. Even that degree which he had got is mentioned on the website as distance learning.

To add to the shock, no such university is found in International Association of Universities (IAU) database, whereas Alliance International University claims to be recognized by IAU. The climax doesn’t just end here. The university is also not found in registered database of government of Zambia. Will Biswaroop Roy tell us who was his mentor and under whom did he complete his thesis and got the Ph.D.?

aiu zambia.png Another degree that he shows is of a Post Graduate from IDEEL. IDEEL, a project HOPE initiative , is a four month, online, self-paced course with final component being two weeks internship. Upon passing the final exam and completing the internship, students will receive a certificate of completion. So, basically Dr Scamster seems to be a four month online certified diabetes educator not a Post Graduate.


IDEEL claims to have been certified by International diabetes foundation (IDF). Upon examining IDF website, Present Mirror team found that IDF provides two such Certifications , “Cerificate of Achievement, EACCME” &Transcript (score 80% or above in the final assessment) and “Cerificate of Participation & EACCME (score <80% in the final assessment) depending upon the test scores none of which is a Post Graduate. If Post Graduation happened in four months, everyone will be a post graduate in India. Ironically, in another of his certificates where he attended a government programme in diabetes, 2017, he claims himself only a Diabetes educator.

Another “Dotorate”, he claims is from Vietnam book of records which is part of Asia Book of Records. When we researched we found that this so called dotorate or doctorate program is just of 6 months. Another 6 months PHD degree program from another website which is not even secure with no SSL certification. We are not claiming the degrees are fake, but one may easily wonder why all his degrees have such mysterious connotation?


He claims to hold certifications like ACLS instructor essentials from American Heart Association which are some easily available online or short-term certification courses which can be taken by anyone with some interest in Medical Sciences, but it doesn’t make them a medical professional. With no proper medical degrees and proper practice, he claims to cure sensitive diseases like HIV, Heart Related Diseases and Cancer with his diet in just 72 hours of duration.

Even after having no actual doctorate degree in medical field, leave doctorate he doesn’t even have an MBBS, he openly mocks the medical professionals, the Corona Warriors by claiming that the real doctors who risk their lives 24 hrs for the betterment of the health care of people are actually conspirators of COVID-19. Earning money and fame through amateur analysis is one thing, but spreading misinformation during pandemic is a grave crime.

On his website, it can be seen that he claims himself to be a nutritionist, which any one can claim, who has some knowledge on food and its content in terms of the nutritional value. But to be a dietician one needs to have undergone a proper course and have a degree. People today consume lots of junk and fast food and do not include a properly maintained diet plan in their food habits, which ultimately leads to increase in sugar levels, cholesterol and fat in their body, which can be reduced easily through a balanced diet and proper exercising.

So, there is no wonder there are some working cases with the DIP diet which are provided by Biswaroop Roy. Same kind of diet plans are provided by gym trainers and online nutrition experts but that doesn’t make them a Doctor. Same applies for Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury. It is no rocket science to understand that a good balanced diet comprising of water, fruits will help anyone. Ayurveda is full of such satvik diets.

Dr Scamster was an engineer and even a failed actor once

Biswaroop Roy, who is an actual B.Tech graduate from Punjab Engineering College University, earlier tried to set up different memory labs through which he claimed to teach ways to improve memories of people and also tried to set some Guinness Book Records by memorizing long words and phrases. When he failed in this field, he also made another failed attempt in the field of film making by creating a movie named “Yaad Rakhenge Aap”, which didn’t even release.

Till the age of 41, he didn’t have a medical degree, but suddenly out of nowhere he came up with series of e-degrees and participation certificates and record certificates in various record books, some of whose authentication is still under suspicion. He claims to be editorial board members of different book of records like India Book of Record, Asia Book of Record, Nepal Book of Record, which are created by Biswaroop Roy himself. Also, he claims to be the member of Indo Vietnam Medical Board, which has no proper proof of its existence. These acts are similar to awarding a medal to own self, example of own felicitation.

Calling out the scam of Biswaroop Roy

He has been called out by known medical professionals like Dr. Anil Bansal, chairman of Anti-Quackery cell of Delhi Medical Council. Dr. Bansal stated that the activities carried out by Biswaroop Roy are illegal and it should be reported and people should be warned against quacks like him. The journals published by Biswaroop Roy on different topics related to the medical field are listed in fake journals or predatory journals list.

People like Biswaroop Roy try to be greater than what they are. Being great is a good thing. But posing to be great by spreading untruths and misinformation is another. Such people are hindrance to societal growth of any nation. Just because you know few dieting plans, you don’t get the free pass to give green signal to deadly viruses in the society and people supporting such scamsters are even more dangerous. One shouldn’t blindly follow information spread by someone, who has got some success by providing basic diet plans which needs to be part of people’s life at a very high price. Similar kind of diet plans can be accessed by professional dieticians at a feasible cost.

Additionally, it is a wonder that only by claiming to hold a mere online e-degree in the field of diabetes, this scamster claims to cure deadly diseases by just changing the food plan of the patient. Even if we agree to his DIP plans, what gives him authority to claim a pandemic as farce? 1 lakh people are affected in India even after the lockdown, many have died a brutal death.

Economies are at standstill. World is reeling at 5,090,064 cases and 329,732 deaths and this guy thinks it is not a serious issue? Are these economies so stupid that they will not take the 21K diet plan instead of spending billions on hospitals and health accessories?

Now, anyone with a basic idea about the coronavirus, understands that it is a immuno-suppressant virus, during which the patient becomes vulnerable to other serious diseases and hence, it can become the cause of death of the patient, if he/she gets affected by it, this doesn’t make COVID-19 any less dangerous. Tap here to read more about COVID-19 virus.

When people come across information like the ones spread by Mr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, they should properly research about it verify it and then believe it. Blind following is a big threat for any country and society. Anyone believing this person’s information on Covid-19, please be aware and take the necessary precautions and prevention's to save themselves from the disease.

COVID-19 is a disease where one research after another contradicts each other. Scientists and Researches are giving sleepless nights to find a cure. Policemen are on roads. Billions are self-locked in their homes. Will Biswaroop roy take some time to visit the hospitals in PPEs and cure the patient with his 21K plan? Please stay safe from fake news, fake information, Corona Virus and of course Dr. Scamster.

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