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    To 'who' is Left asking questions on employment and industrialisation in Bengal?

    Using deceit and deception is a part of politics. Anyone not doing so in today's era due to some moralistic, altruistic or nihilistic reason will fail miserably. But CPM asking big questions on employment, industrialisation, and income opportunities in the state of West Bengal is ironical, considering the party they should be asking these questions is actually CPM themselves.

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    Kashmiri Hindu Exodus : Jagmohan, a historical villain or a silent saviour?

    Jagmohan Malhotra, known by the mononym Jagmohan, is a former Indian civil servant and politician belonging to the Bharatiya Janata Party, formerly a congressman. It is however his role in Jammu and Kashmir and his stint as a Governor there on two terms that needs to be known. His actions have long been considered controversial, stabbed by Gandhis, as he witnessed a unilateral massacre of Kashmiri Hindus in the valley.

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    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the Farm Bills, 2020

    On 5th June 2020, amidst growing concern over the seismic collapse of the economy and the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government of India promulgated three ordinances relating to agricultural marketing, further promising a dynamic improvement in the present condition of our farmers. Since then, this has led to a political slugfest and hysterical protests all over the country, while the opposition riding on a hypocritical past, is often seen touting the bills as 'anti-farmers' bills.

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    Media consultant allegedly linked with Ministry of Ayush, abuses Hindus, compares PM Modi to Ravana

    The failure of the Hindu society to define its identity in crystal clear terms has given rise to a plethora of problems. Not only has it resulted in great confusion among the Hindus themselves but also it has provided a golden opportunity to its enemies to manipulate ignorant Hindus against their own faith and nation. Similar is the case of Niharika Singh, who claims to be Media consultant at Ministry of Ayush, a proud Marxist, takes pride in abusing the PM and Hindus.

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    What is the Hindu Atrocity Act and why should you care?

    As benevolent as Hindus have forever been, the sheer attacks that have always been returned in their favour, by the larger society, is not just evil and cruel but equally challenging to fight off, under the current laws that this constitution has to offer. Easy to pass off any discrimination against Hindus by the simple swipe of the ‘majority’ card, this very attribute has been used by all of Indian society to repeatedly slam Hindus at every meagre opportunity available.

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    A tale of unstained Tatas : Are they above criticism?

    The Tanishq controversy has yet again raised pointed questions at the intent of Tatas. While Tatas have been the Nationalist figure in the country, their past is ladened with controversies from which Ratan Tata have come out surprisingly unstained always. A look at these controversies indicate that no other Man in India could have come out of this as flawless.


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