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Quarantine Lifestyle : Lazy Chicken popcorn, a crunchy tasty snack

Chicken is something that is loved by everyone. We can fry it, roast it, boil it or even stuff it in ways we want. And what if we tell you it is in form of a crunchy popcorn that can be enjoyed as to your liking.


Chicken popcorn is a super snacks recipe and my lazy chicken popcorn is very quick and easy to make. You just need few minutes to make it. There is no mess we just need one bowl to do all the process then we can fry it and enjoy it at any time.

* Ingredients

-> Boneless chicken 250gm

-> Maida 1/2 cup

-> Suji 1 tbsp

-> Salt to taste

-> Chicken masala 1 tsp

-> Red Chilli powder 1 tsp

-> Black pepper 1/2tsl

-> Chopped curry leaves 6-7 no.

* Marinate the chicken with salt and lemon juice.


* Steps for preparation

1. Take a bowl and add all the dry ingredients in it then mix it well, now add the chopped curry leaves.

2. Add the cubed chicken pieces in the mix and toss it well. Make sure that every chicken piece is evenly coated with the mix.

3. Heal oil in a karahi. Add the chicken one by one in it and fry till golden in colour.

4. Take it out on a paper towel and serve it.

* For more video visit youtube channel #MyFoodMyPassion

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