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How to utilize time and best skills to learn during COVID-19 lock-down

COVID-19 has put the whole world into a virtual standstill, infecting over 7,50,000 people and taking lives of more than 36,000 in the world, as of March 30,2020. Most of the countries have ordered a lock-down putting shutter to all industries, sports and other activities. People are confined in their own homes as a preventive measure to control the pandemic outbreak.


It is very difficult for working professionals and students to overcome the boredom of being at home for such a long time. However, there are some skills you can learn to remain upkeep in your professions and to improve your knowledge and other skills. There are tons of online courses available to learn, you can select your favorite one and learn, while being quarantined at home. We are going to discuss few best ways to utilize your time during the COVID-19 outbreak.

How to utilize your time during COVID-19 lock-down

There are lot of things to do, depending on your likes and needs. You can learn new skills or play games, watch movies etc. Here is a list of few things to do during the lock-down.

Skills to learn during COVID 19 Lockdown

1.   Learn to Code

It is the most demanded skill in the current world. Those who coding can definitely stand out among the odds and a very basic skill for any all employment in the IT sector. So learn different coding techniques to enhance your employing abilities.

2.    Learn New languages

New languages are always an added advantage to your curriculum. A language is like a necklace to your speech. The more languages you learn, the better get your social and communicative prospects

3.    Learn Data Science/Data Analytics

Data science and Data analytics are the two most sought after professions in today's world. Doing a course in Data Science/ Data Analytics will not only enhance your chances towards employment but also boost up your learning curve.

4.    Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Almost all organizations or sectors are having websites for them, SEO becomes very important for attracting traffic to your website. You can learn SEO online from various sources such as Google Webmasters tools.

5.    Learn Advanced Excel

Advanced Excel is most sought after by the companies to handle their large data, so an expert in advance excel is always ahead of others.

6.    Project Management

Project management is in much demand right now. A project management professional is a forever requirement for all firms.

7.    Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is very important for good and effective marketing in this era of social media and Internet.

8.    Public speaking

Public speaking is something which has been always in demand. Learn the art of public speaking. It is not necessary that public has to be a group of physical individuals, public can be social media too. You can make your public speaking videos and post them on internet. You can make various video conferencing videos with your friends and family.

Best platforms to learn new skills in 2020


LinkedIn Learning: It is another important online course marketplace, tailored to business professionals with over 1,000 business courses on topics like project management, web development, and digital marketing.

UpGrad: UpGrad is an online platform that offers range of programs including digital marketing, product management, entrepreneurship, data analytics, data-driven management, and digital technology management.

Udemy: Udemy is an online learning platform with over 100000+ high quality online courses.

Coursera: Coursera is a professional online course marketplace with virtual classes from some of the world’s best companies and universities like the University of Michigan, Duke, and Stanford.

Codecademy: Codecademy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages including Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, Swift, and Sass, as well as markup languages HTML and CSS

Skillshare: It is an American online learning community for people who want to learn from educational videos. The courses, which are not accredited, are available through subscription. The majority of courses focus on interaction rather than lecturing, with the primary goal of learning by completing a project

Shine Learning: Shine Learning is India’s largest professional courses and career skills portal. Shine learning provides a series of online courses and certification in a variety of subjects like Sales & Marketing, IT Software, Digital Marketing, Big data, Data Science and others.

Naukri Learning: Naukri learning provides vide range of online courses in Data science, Project management, Cyber security, IT, sales & Marketing etc.

Simplilearn: Simplilearn is the one of the world’s leading certification training providers in disciplines such as Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Digital Marketing, and Data Science.

Other things in to do list for Lockdown period

Besides learning new skills, you can do many other things to utilize your time during COVID-19 Loackdown period.

9.    Reading

Pick up any novel or any other book you like and be a bookworm, as reading has been a go to thing to do for most of the people when they are free.


Try a new dish or favorite dish by yourself.

11.Yoga and Exercise

Yoga and exercise are must to keep your mind and body in sound condition during lock-down. The virus attacks your lungs. So to keep your respiratory system healthy, various Pranayams like Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika, Kapal Bhati are a must twice a day. In home exercises like Pushups, Pullups, Surya namskar etc. can help keeping you worked out even at home.

12.Playing games

You can play online or PC games to keep yourself indulged. Here is list of best games to play in 2020.

13.Watching movies and web series

You can watch latest movies and web series on various platforms like TVF, Amazon Prime, Netflix etc.

14.Learn an instrument

Learning any new musical instrument is always a treat for yourself.


There are lots of great audio to listen online covering everything from fitness and culture, to science, politics and new ideas. Classical and Carnatical music is always a treat to ears.

16.Spend time with Parents and Kids

The best thing to do during lock-down is spending quality time with your family. In this hectic world, we are becoming more addictive to machines and less affectionate to life. Time to change that.


You can start writing songs, poems, stories or even a book.

18.Play board games

You play board games like Chess, Carrom etc with your family.


Like your body, your mind needs rest too. The gift of the incredible India to the world, Meditation is best way to keep yourself relaxed and focused. You can play a soft music, close your eyes, while sitting in padmasana posting, trying to experience the five aspects of nature, is a treat to mind as well as soul.


Painting is a great getaway from hectic life and it can be very interesting once you get into it. You can do all sorts of painting art like sketching, oil painting etc.

There are many other great things to do in the world and it depends on you, what you choose to do. So always keep learning and doing new things. We request you to be at your home, stay safe and this way together we can fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s do it.

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