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How this NE startup is the next big thing for the cloud kitchen in India

The drought for a proper food delivery service in Sikkim has now ended. A promising cloud kitchen desi Startup, FoodVro is all set to begin its services. Over 14.5 Lac tourists visit Sikkim every year. And it is surprising that yet Sikkim doesn’t have a Food Delivery Kitchen. FoodVro is here to change all that.


Sikkim based Startup, FoodVro was founded in 2020 By Jeewan Dahal and Sreenivasan Reddy. By the end of November, FoodVro is planning to expand to five more cities including Siliguri and Kolkata. Jeewan Dahal is also the founder of The Sikkim Today and Hill Travel Consultancy which is part of an offline travel agency firm. FoodVro is currently operational in Gangtok, giving a platform to young Chefs of the Hotel industry who lost their job during this pandemic.

Visit FoodVro here.

The journey of Jeewan Dahal

We talked to Jeewan Dahal, one of the founders of FoodVro. FoodVro is not Jeewan’s first startup venture. He began his journey through The Sikkim Today, an online news agency in Sikkim. In 2017, he started Hillroom, which was then one of the most popular startups in Sikkim. Hillroom was also selected for Indian Awaz Top 10 entrepreneurs in NE.

But Jeewan’s journey was not all bed of roses. The Gorkhaland issue brought prospects of the hotel industry in Sikkim to a cruel halt but that didn’t stop Jeewan. He then decided to invest in Panda Soft (Napkins paper and Thunga Bag), which is under construction in Mamring, south of Sikkim. It is during this phase Jeewan thought of making an entry in the Food industry.

He knows the growth because before starting the company, he has had ample experience in the Travel industry, his own venture Hill Travel Consultancy. He is quite familiar with the mechanism of ordering food and the nature of food people take while traveling. It is a pity that in a beautiful abode of earth like Sikkim, there is yet no proper Food delivery system in place. With FoodVro, Jeewan is here to make things much easier for the Tourists visiting Sikkim.

“This week the local investors visited the restaurant that we have connected and the other restaurants that are in the pipeline and showed our business model. They saw the business plan and felt good about investing, now we are heading toward legal work relating to this proposal and can start very soon,” says Jeewan.

He has a dream

The Startup has recruited some young minds in the North East. The company has a team of Analysts who are focusing on local customer feedback, if they are capable of booking over the call or just the app tap booking, growing number of smartphones in households and exploring the desi taste buds. They are looking forward to exploring the possibilities of cloud kitchen in the places where it hasn’t yet reached.

“This is a complicated math problem and to look into this, it is not just about analytics and algorithms, but also that the system should detect human behaviour of choosing food online,” he says. “We literally have to change the time and nature of consumers from the inside world, something humans can’t do. Everyone eats lunch at the same time, dinner, etc. It becomes complex. It’s a solution for experts like us to look into this and that it should not be a headache for the common man," says Jeewan.

Even as the CEO of multiple Startups, Jeewan still goes out often, walking around in the Gangtok area to deliver food, getting the feedbacks and readying his Team for Siliguri and Kolkata. "We do it all, be it delivery or call services," he says. It's an early start-up and he has a dream. “I have a dream that one day every stomach in India has 'Enough to eat with a Budget neat'." We bet tourists at Sikkim would love that.

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