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Pumpkin (known as kaddu (कद्दू) in hindi) has immense amounts of health benefits. It is good for eyes and boosts immunity against various diseases. It is eaten in the form of vegetable or pudding, and many more. Teekhi-meethi kaddu ki sabji, that is relished with hot pooris, parathas or chapatis.


Step by step recipe explains how to make Kaddu ki khathi mithi sabji check out below

* Ingredients

-> Kadu(pumpkin). 500 gm

-> Panch phoran(five spice). 1tsp

-> Dry red chilli. 2

-> Tej patta. 1

-> Hing. Onepinch

-> Salt. To taste

-> Turmeric. 1tsp

-> Amchor powder. 11/2 tsp

-> Sugar/Gur. 1tbsp

-> Green chillies. 3to 4

* Steps for preparation

1. Wash , peel and dice the pumpkin into cubes.

2. Heat oil in a kadhai , add oil in it when the oil become sticky add the panch foran, tej patta, dry red chilli and hing.

3. Now add the chopped pumpkin and sakte for few mins then cover it and cook for 5 mins.

4. After 5 mins stir the pumpkin and add salt and tumeric with the green chillies again cook with lid on for 10 mins.

5. Now add the grated jaggery amchur and saute for few more minutes garnish it with coriander leaves and serve hot.

* For its full video visit the link below,For more video visit my youtube channel #MyFoodMyPassion

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