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Home Quarantine recipe Fruit Custard : Your Homemade fruity delight

Who doesn't love to savor the taste of thick smooth sweet liquid with rich fruits? Fruit custard is one such similar mix made of custard powder, fruits and milk. It is basically a drink but we serve it as a dessert.


Custard is made of thickeners which gives it its relishing creamy texture, while the fruits add a little bite to it. It is very similar to the type of mix used to make puddings, when added to milk. And what I love the most is that the kids enjoy having it! So let's go on to try this quick and simple delicacy.

• Ingredients:

-Milk: 1 ltr

-Custard powder: 2 tbsp

-Sugar: 1/2 cup

-Green cardamom powder: 1/2 tsp

-Rose petals (dry): 1 tsp

-Banana (chopped): 1 cup

-Apple (chopped): 1 cup

-Grapes (cut in half): 1 cup

-Pomegranate: 1 cup

• Steps for preparation:

1. Boil 1 ltr of milk in a saucepan.

2. Add 2 tbsp of custard powder in a bowl and mix it with 1/2 cup of cold milk to avoid the curdling of custard powder.

3. Now add the mix into boiling milk and stir for 5 mins on medium heat. Then add sugar and cook for few more mins.

4. Then place the hot custard mix in a cooling tray and then put it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

5. Take the mix out of refrigerator and add green cardamom powder and crushed rose petals to it.

6. Now add chopped fresh fruits in the chilled custard mix, and serve.

• For the full recipe, visit my YouTube channel :

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