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Home Quarantine Recipe: Bread Tawa Pizza , your home answer to pizza outlets

The modern pizza as we know has its origin in flat bread dishes of Naples, Italy. In those days,ingredients such as garlic,cheese, and basil were used as toppings. Pizza is the mouth-watering tasty recipe we all love and what better it could be, if we can make one in our homes.


Bread Tawa pizza is something that anyone can cook, if u have these few ingredients at home like bread slice, tomato sauce and cheese. Then you can also inlcude all the veggies at home as toppings. I have suggested few of these in my recipe here but veggies can be changed depending on availability.

● Ingredients

White bread - 4 slice

Onion sliced - 1cup

Capsicum sliced -1 cup

Mushroom sliced-1 cup

Tomatoes sliced -1 cup

Cheese (grated) - 1cup

Black pepper powder - 1tsp

Oregano - 1tsp

Chilli flakes - 1 tsp

Salt - to taste 

Amul butter - 50gm

Tomato sauce - 2tbsp

● Steps for preparation

1. Take a non stick tawa and brush it with butter then toast the bread from one side.

2. Now flip it and spread the tomato sauce on the toasted side then put all the sliced veggies one by one on it in thin layer.

3. Now sprinkle some black pepper, chilli flakes, oregano, salt and then spread the grated cheese evenly on the bread.

4. Cover the tawa for 3-4 mins(on low flame) with a lid so that the heat inside it can cook the veggies and melt the cheese on the top.

5. Now the bread pizza is ready. 

● Serve it hot

● For the video you can visit my youtube link:

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