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Bagare baingan is a Hyderabadi dish. Here the baingan that is brinjal or eggplant is prepared in a rich and spicy gravy. It is creame in texture as we use nuts to make the gravy with some tamarind pulp.


The vitamin & mineral content in baigan or eggplant or brinjal is quite high. It improves heart health, prevents anemia and makes bones strong. It is a great source of anti oxidants and dietary fibers. And what better if you get it in a very tasty and spicy form? Baghare Baingan is one such recipe. Here is a step by step account of 'how to make Baghare baingan'.

* Ingredients

-> Baingan. 1/2 kg (medium size)

-> Salt. To taste

-> Turmeric. 1 tsp

-> Rad chilli powder. 1 tsp

-> Green chillies. 1

-> Mustard Seed. 1tsp

-> Methi ( Fenugreek)seed 1 tsp

-> Tamarind pulp. 1 tbsp

-> Hing. One pinch

-> Curry leaves

-> Coriander leaves

* For paste

-> Peanut. 4tbsp

-> Sesame seeds. 4 tbsp

-> Dry coconut. 4 tbsp (grated)

-> Poppy seeds. 2tbsp

-> Coriander seeds. 1tsp

* Steps for preparation

1. Take the brinjals and make slit in it apply some salt tumeric and chilli powder.

2. Heat a pan and roast grated coconut, poppy seeds, sesame seed, peanuts. Let it cool and then make a smooth paste using some water.

3. Heat oil in a kadhai, fry the brinjals and keep them aside.

4. Now in the same oil add asafoetida, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves and chillies and saute.

5. Now add the paste and Bhumi until it leaves oil. Reduce the flame and add tamarind pulp and some more water if needed.

6. Add the brinjals and simmer until the gravy becomes thick.

7. Adjust the seasoning and serve hot.

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