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Dare to win yourself over me – Anxiety, responsible for series of suicides in the Nation

The Nation became aware of the issue with the alleged suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput and it was still getting over it before being shocked by two more suicides that followed the spree. A 10th standard student gave up his life followed by a well-known TikTok star Siya Kakkar. Often the issue of Anxiety is overlooked by the society. Here we scan the devil of Anxiety and suggest you few methods to conquer the same.


What are we all experiencing under this period of self isolation? A sudden wave of depression, sadness, loneliness, anxiety! These all might be just words that strike your minds as soon as you address this question. And why not? The isolation has made you look within, the rush of emotions has cracked over your head. The drive of adapting a whole new lifestyle- an off from usual work, forced to stay indoors, no social interaction at offices, parks, gyms has been impacting us equivocally.

Many people are taking this lockdown to build up their bond with family, close friends, exploring themselves and getting to know their closed ones better, while the other set is feeling caged, distant, and unable to cope up with the anxious feelings prevailing in the current situation of covid-19. The lockdown is acting as a halt in our lives and surviving it is posing a challenge to our fellow men.

A Kolkata - based filmmaker, Lubdhak Chatterjee said the hardest thing to come to terms with has been the “fragile” nature of human life as well as the “collective lifestyle of the modern world”. “This has been a more challenging reality to accept than just being restricted to my home, and the process is psychologically draining. In fact, this might be just the beginning of a long process and thus it is important to accept and adapt accordingly,” he said.

Clearly, amongst all the vehemence, stress, fear and worry (relating to a particular situation which seems to be out of control at a certain point of time) have been topping the list in our wit. And when all this starts to interfere in our daily life activities and affect our mental health adversely, it’s given a medical term ‘Anxiety’. It is often accompanied by a state of depression. The hot topic these days! Some of the approved anxiety symptoms are panic attacks, sweating, palpitations or trembling etc. It is a pervading disorder these days. According to the research conducted by the Lancet Psychiatry, in 2017, 197 million Indians (14.3 per cent of the total population) were suffering from mental disorders, of whom 46 million had depression and 45 million anxiety disorders. Also, they mentioned that the prevalence of depression is more in women and in ageing population. But following the recent incidents that have been taking place since this self-isolation period, isn’t it faced by all of us excluding the children up to age 13? Just a thought, though.


But does that mean to let our fears win over us? Aren’t we stronger than this? Yes, we are and we can get through anything and everything. The power is in our hands. Anxiety can be treated medically. Therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, psychotherapy have well established professionals to look into such matters.


Other than this we have certain self-care tips which can be inculcated in our daily lives to shut these negative thought monsters:

BUILD UP A HEALTHY DIET PLAN - We are made out of what we eat, so healthy diet containing all essential nutrients can help us staying positive.

JOURNALISING YOUR THOUGHTS - Making up a list of what you are feeling, seems dangerous. What if we got caught up in all this? Trust me, you won’t. Instead you will feel lighter by getting it all on paper.

YOGA, MEDITATION, MUSIC – Yoga which simply means joining, can help you greatly during the phase of your anxiety. The pranayams or the breathing exercises help to make a balance in your body physically as well as mentally. Make some new fun activities your friends. Don’t worry they’ve got your back! They won’t judge you and will rather stick with you even after this pandemic ends!

• Meditation is another activity that can take you out of depression. The incredible Indian culture has lot up its sleeve to help humans out of trouble.You need to understand that your self is neither your body nor your mind. You are not a slave of your feelings but you are the master of your life. Meditation can help you greatly but should be done in presence of an authorized Guru, so that you get proper guidance and maximized benefits. In India various traditional mutts and organizations like ISKCON, ISHA etc. teach meditation.


Yoga and Meditation can be the snail in your life to make you crawl unharmed over the blade of your problems.

READ BOOK - Book can be of any genre, pick up a book sit down at your favorite spot in the home and brush up your soul. Confused about which book to read? No worries there are various books which can help you soothe your mind. Such as DARE by Barry Joe McDonough, The Highly Sensitive Person Book by Elaine Aron, are specialized to help overcome anxiety.

PHYSICAL EXERCISES AND NATURE - I know you guys must be wondering why I have mentioned about something which encourages you to go out. But that’s not the idea, you can do some aerobics at your terrace or balcony. Doing it regularly for 15-20 mins will help calm your senses and release the un-necessary stress. Since we all know ‘NATURE IS THE BEST HEALER’ why not appreciate the beauty of flowers at your home? You will love it, I promise.


Paying attention to our mental health is the instant need of the hour. Being kind to ourselves and others is what we need to learn now, instead of running after the success, fame, money or any other material thing we have been chasing for years now. All this is important for survival but it is not as supreme as our own self.

To feel a little more is not wrong, but we need to keep a check on our emotions and should not let them conquer us. Looking on the bright side of the things is crucial in these tough times and having faith in ourselves is what we all need to do now and forever. Life gives us chances to grow and nurture ourselves in the best possible ways. Saying all this is easy I know, but having courage to get through it is tremendous and brave! These mountains you are carrying, you are only supposed to climb them.

Let me tell you a simple story.

Broken, bruised, decimated, defeated, there he stood. He failed. He looked below the height, there was nothing beneath.
His parents were worried. His friends' miscalls awaited him.
He had responsibilities, said he to himself.
His job is not yet done.
But he ignored, for he failed.
He didn't want a fall though. He wanted a free mind.
He wanted a freed heart. He wanted a free fall right in to the darkness of oblivion.
He just wanted to forget the events that worried him for once. A complete silence.


The wind started getting stronger. He wanted to be blown away. Blown away in to the nothingness of reality. He heard something. Someone, a human giggling, a small girl. The girl picks a stone and throws in the air.

He wanted to be like that stone, soar in to the sky freely like a stone. A stone, yes. A stone going down. A stone you say.. His thoughts interrupted.

The little girl throws another stone this time a bigger one.
Soon he will follow that stone. That stone has no remorse, no responsibility, no regrets, no pain, happiness, no life. What a stone? A stone has no life. He took a deep breath. A stream of oxygen filled him with freshness. He was not a stone. He failed. So what? He still could do what that stone thrown up in the air couldn't. He could live.

There's no one to throw him.
He wanted to throw himself up like a stone with no life. He died before he could jump. He understood that. He took another deep breath. He could still feel oxygen. He turned towards the little girl. She was gone. Must be bored of stupid stones thought he. And a little child in him smiled.
Yes, he failed, but he couldn't fall.

Smile, breathe and go slowly. You’ve got this!

The story is taken from Fail but Don’t Fall by Abhinav Sharma, Author, Present Mirror.

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