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Black lives matter: At the cost of the fairness cream you advertise for? ‘The B-town divas’

We all are well aware of the current trending issues, #blacklivesmatter and #justiceforgeorgefloyd. Every person around the world has been supporting this moment, the incident was deadly of course. But will we be able to incorporate these changes in our system?


The Bollywood celebs play a huge part in the Indian society, many of them has a huge amount of fan following on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook. The Bollywood divas like Priyanka chopra , Disha Patani, Deepika Padukone were seen posting about the incidence that took place in the west, and appealed to respect the people belonging to every color, every caste. Priyanka Chopra posted on Instagram on May 30 to exhibit solidarity with the moment and was called out by the audience within seconds.

His husband Nick Jonas also tweeted on June 3 to show support for the black lives.

But in this age of active social media users, people lashed out and made certain comments regarding his wife advertising for fairness commercials.

Various people made comments such as: ‘Have you forgotten your advert of the garnier skin whitening cream????’, ‘Remember Garnier ad. Priyanka: - Use Garnier Light Fairness Cream. 1...2...3 Spot free!!’ and the last one ‘Pri was the face of skin lightening creams in India. Pri is part of the problem.’

So now, here is a question that needs to be addressed by them. Why do you advertise for fairness cream commercials? Supporting the idea of being fairer brings more healthy opportunities in every area of your life. Doesn’t the heart of the person matter the most? The values they have, the way they carry themselves, the confidence they possess? I guess these all are more than just the color. Shouldn’t we practice equality in our own country as well, supporting the west is appreciated but what about the change that needs to be inculcated in our own country. Are we there for the crowd which is discriminated according to their color? Giving it a thought is way more essential now after the regrettable situation in America and the other states.

And we as a society can’t just blame them, where did the idea originate? Where the difference in dark and fair did came from, so that they can build up some fairness products and get it advertised by the actresses to boom up their sales? We should know the answer. We as a community has created all this difference, if a new born baby (girls more specifically) has a dark complexion we just start applying desi products to make her fair else the society won’t accept her ones she is a grown up. Why? Are we that judgmental? Oh yes, I believe we are.

We need to start accepting people in the way they are , prejudices against the dark and other groups of the society who are juggling for their rights is not FAIR . Let us talk about being this FAIR to each soul in the society rather than being on the trot for fair complexion.

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