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Are you blindly trusting food delivery services like Zomato?

One of the major players in Food Delivery Market that we all are familiar with is Zomato. They have provided exceptional services to the customers, but every coin has a flip side. The customers are reporting various bad experiences lately. And the most worrying part being frequency of such incidents keeps increasing while the company has taken no visible steps to curb their irresponsibility.


Controversies are not new for Zomato but it is being topped by its poor service and alleged Fraud. Zomato was recently in controversy for politically endorsing Swara Bhaskar and got called out by various users for their biased stand which made #BoycottZomato trend on twitter.

That being said the company has been faltering on their services and are allegedly indulging in fraud when it comes to delivery of Food to their customers. Such level of fraud in the name of irresponsibility by a professional company cannot be ignored.

A twitter user Nipun claimed that the company is marking order status as delivered but not actually delivering the orders. “I ordered sweets on this Diwali worth Rs 802, My order was not delivered to me but marked as delivered, From the last 3 days I'm contacting them but they're not replying”, said Nipun.

There was a viral Facebook post in October that claimed that Zomato delivered unacceptable food from a non-existent vendor.

Puja Patil Vashistha, a regular Zomato user ordered from a food outlet registered on the app, the order arrived with suspicious packing and incomplete content, she decided to call the rider who didn't take any responsibility for the food. She then contacted customer support from the app and got the assurance of just a 50% refund. But the feeling of being cheated was unsettling for her, so she decided to visit the outlet only to be further shocked. There was no such outlet at the given address, and then it was revealed that the ordered food came from a street vendor who wasn't even registered on Zomato.

These types of issues are not new for the company. Zomato has made it to the headlines previously for reckless irresponsibility several times in the past.

Adding to it, there's another type of scam running under the name of the company's telephonic consumer support. Although Zomato has no customer care number, fraudsters and hackers are posing as the customer care executives of the company and trapping innocent customers by providing dubious links for settling the refund.

There are many cases across the country where people lost a great sum of money to such fraudsters.

A person in Patna lost Rs. 77,000 while settling a refund of Rs 100, while a Bengaluru-based person loses Rs. 95,000 when he called a consumer care number that he looked up on Google. Both these cases took place in 2019, while there's another recent case from February 2020, where a man lost 50 grand for " Special Biryani ." The list of these frauds is unending. The company now and then has tried to inform the consumers that they do not have any consumer care number, but these scams continue to happen.

Such delivery and food quality issues make it easier to doubt the hygiene and services that the company is promising to its customers, especially during the global pandemic where one person's mistake can be deadly for many.

All of this along with the scams running around, it's always the consumer who gets troubled while the companies keep on flourishing. We, consumers, need to understand the powers that lie within our hands.

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