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The peer politics of the Left – supressing the voices that don’t agree

  • Ankita Mukherjee | Team PresentMirror | Updated: Sept. 29, 2020, 10:27 a.m.

While the social media has become a great tool to counter the left and their treacherous narratives, but that remains limited pretty much to the virtual world. In real world, people still face threats and are harassed by the left regularly. The peer politics of the left has crossed all bounds and has turned into a tool for supressing voices that don't agree.


The bullying and abrasive attacks by the left on any and everything that even slightly differs from their "propagated narrative" is not a new thing. They are intolerant, insensitive, illogical - just to name a few of the very natural traits found in every leftist. And, one such most infamous place is within the four walls of our country's universities and colleges.

The students that are not left-inclined and or holds different opinion opposing the left are met with serious consequences that can even lead them having a career destroyed with no help from the authorities. While students are told to respect the teachers, the professors for imparting us with their valuable knowledge; what they are not told is the certain terms and conditions that must be applied under every situation, for there are always two alternate sides to a coin.

Who is going to be held responsible for propagating communist ideology, fuelling anti-national, anti-establishment sentiments amongst the students under the garb of teaching and imparting knowledge? A legitimate question that is needed to be asked now more than ever.

What all things are being taught inside these so-called educational institutions, and why not agreeing to those teachings leads to abuses, trolls, harassments, sometimes even life threatening and career threatening situations for the non-left aligned students?

The latest example of such a harassment is coming from Ashoka University, Delhi. A lot of students face cyberbullying by the lobby. Students are trolled and shamed for standing with Indian Army during the recent LAC standoff. The left is not really liberal as they market themselves to be. The ‘neo’ism in its ideology is uncanny.

The freedom of speech in question does not exist at all when there's presence of the left, be it inside educational institutions and or within the establishment. At such a place, the people need to ask themselves how is it that any right aligned university and or college automatically becomes a product of the establishment meant for propagating and drilling the students with toxic right ideologies while colleges and universities that teach their students to become anti-nationals, abuse their own nation's army, mock at their own country's people, cultures and traditions are supposedly the best educational institutions and that every kid must study there.

Even for the government, these universities and colleges are allowed to do whatever they want within the boundaries of their institutions while innocent students suffer. Imagine sitting through a class and listening your professors ranting against your country, it's army, all the while glorifying everything that constitutionally will fall under seditious act and be denoted as an act of treason!

This is happening right under our noses while the government doesn't care and innocent students having their lives and career at risk for not agreeing to abuse the Indian army. Wow, the audacity of these kids!

Is it the student’s fault that their ideologies don't match with the left? The public needs to wake up and realise that their future, the student class - the young mind, is not safe, as day by day they are being fed with only lies and something that rhymes with lies called "communist ideology", thereby turning them into rabid anti-national elements, making them hate their own parents, families, and their fellow college-mates who are choosing not to get trapped into the Leftist narrative.

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