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Sachin Pilot : A pendulum in making, swung by Gehlot backed by Maharani?

  • Vivek Pandey | Team PresentMirror | Updated: Aug. 23, 2020, 1:33 p.m.

The recent month-long political crisis in Rajasthan which is currently ruled by Congress party has created a huge rift among the Congress State Unit and only time will tell whether they will sail through it. Pilot has lost everything, from the post of Deputy CM to State President, and is becoming in to a swinging pendulum, threads of which are held by CM Gehlot.


Congress won the Rajasthan State election due to the excellent campaign of Sachin Pilot as Rajasthan Congress Chief. But when Congress won the election, they appointed Ashok Gehlot as Chief Minister. Things were very awful for Pilot and his loyalists as Gehlot had given very few important positions to Pilot's loyalists. While Pilot was being side-lined and ignored by the Congress leadership, he remained silent for long. Seeing a ripe time, Pilot revolted with 18 more MLAs but that wasn’t enough to topple the Government. Finally, they sorted out their differences and have agreed to work together with a huge makeover in the Ministry and Leadership.

Congress leadership is fulfilling Pilot’s demand with AICC Committee being formed to hear grievances and leadership issues in Rajasthan and sacking of Avinash Pande as Rajasthan in-charge. However, as Pilot was sacked from post of Rajasthan Congress Chief, Gehlot has appointed his own loyalist Govind Dotasara as the state Chief of Congress party. 

Congress Central Leadership is trying to make Pilot happy as Pilot holds the key to Gurjar and Meena community votes. The Gurjar community is angry with BJP due to their demands of reservation not being heard and hence they look to Pilot as their only hope since he belongs to Gurjar community. He was the reason why 7 Congress Gurjar MLAs won whereas no BJP Gurjar MLA could win in the 2018 elections. But one thing that Congress Leadership will remember is that Gehlot is experienced and has the support of his Mali community who dominate around 100 seats in 200 seats Rajasthan assembly whereas the Gurjar community only influence around 50 seats. Mali community are traditionally BJP voters but they tend to vote Congress when Gehlot is chosen to be the CM face. 

The reason why Pilot's rebellion failed is Vasundhra Raje, the former Rajasthan CM from BJP. She remained reluctant to support this rebellion as doing this would have meant a danger for her future CM prospects with Pilot being a worthy contender. Vasundhra Raje with her complete silence also showed BJP leadership that she cannot be ignored in State politics and she is actually one of the few regional leaders in BJP who can single handedly win State elections.

So, for now Pilot has lost everything, from the post of Deputy CM to State President and Gehlot is increasing his dominance with awarding his loyalist a good position. Pilot recently said, “The party makes the final decision of who will work in the government and who will work in the party organisation.” So it will be all on Congress Leadership to decide whether to punish Pilot or reward him for his rebellion. This month-long crisis in Rajasthan can also be a blessing in disguise for the opposition party BJP to get back again in power.

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