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Prime Minister announces lockdown 2.0 to extend till May 3, echoes“Vyam Rashtre Jagreyayam”

  • TeamPresentMirror | Updated: April 14, 2020, 12:51 p.m.

If India had not adopted a holistic and integrated approach along with strict decisions, the situation would have been unimaginable.There are around 600 hospitals all around the country especially for treatment of COVID-19 in the country. Any discrepancy or unnecessary leniency will ensure that their relaxations are revoked and a strict action is taken on the local administration.


Image Source: Snapshot Grab from Prime Minister’s address

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi today addressed the country about COVID-19 and extended the lockdown till May 3rd. Prime Minister talked about the importance of social distancing and lockdown in war against the COVID-19 pandemic. Prime Minister also talked about how well India is doing in comparison to other countries with limited resources and a billion population. Prime Minister requested people to follow the lockdown and social distancing norms with full enthusiasm. Here are the key takeaways from the Prime Minister’s address to the nation.

Prime Minister started by greeting the people of India and commended how Indian populace, stating that it is the austerity and patience of 135 crores Indians due to which we have been able to reduce the problem of pandemic to a large extent. The Prime Minister applauded efforts and said, “People are having problems regarding food, travel and want to be with family but still they are following the lockdown and supporting the government. You are following your duties as soldier and I appreciate the people of India for the same”.

Prime Minister remembered Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar on his birth anniversary bringing the famous “We the People” slogan, as mentioned in the constitution of India as true resemblance of our fight against COVID-19 today.There are different festivals in different parts of India such as Baisakhi, Bihu, new year etc. but the resolve by which the people are following the lockdown rules is very motivating and laudable.

We all know that today the whole world is suffering from COVID-19. India started to train staff even before the first case was reported. By the time we reached 100th case, all foreign travellers were sent to 14 days quarantine and all Gyms, Clubs etc were closed. When there were 550 cases, 21 days strict lockdown was implemented. We did not wait for the problem to worsen but we tried to stop the problem just after noticing it for the first time itself.

PM emphasized that this is a problem that can’t be compared with other countries, but also said that India is in better position than that of other countries. Most countries which were in same situation as India’s before lockdown are now having 25-30 times more cases and thousands of deaths.If India had not adopted a holistic and integrated approach along with strict decisions, the situation would have been unimaginable.However, in past few days, there is rise in cases of COVID-19 and that is a matter of concern. There is no alternative to the positives of social distancing and lockdown.

PM stressed on the worsened economic situation, but said the life of people is more important than the economy. With the limited resources, India chose a path that is now a matter of discussion in the whole world. All the states and authorities have responded to the need of hour and imparted their duties very well. Still, the spread of corona virus has worried the health experts and governments all over the world. Almost all the states are in support of lockdown, even the people are batting for lockdown. After due diligence and study of the situation it has been decided to extend the lockdown till May 3rd. PM said that we have to follow the lockdown rule like the way we are doing now.

“Every countryman should be in a lockdown till May 3rd. I pray to all citizens to follow all rules laid by the government, since the next step is to stop spread of this virus in newer regions, I seek your unequivocal cooperation in this regard. We have to ensure that local transmission in non-infected regions is stopped.”, said the prime Minister. He also added that the hotspots that have already been identified across the country need to be have strict rules and stronger implementation of the lockdown. The next one week will be very crucial, the rules will be made stricter than they already are. Till 20th April, the entire country’s administration will be observed at micro most levels.

Prime Minister also warned, “Those who won’t let the number of hotspots increase in their area, they may be provided some relaxations but still overall lockdown will remain. Any discrepancy or unnecessary leniency will ensure that their relaxations are revoked and strict action is taken on the local administration”. A detailed guideline in this regard will be issued tomorrow.

Image Source: Snapshot Grab from Prime Minister’s address

“To help poor is my utmost priority. Through ‘Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana’ people have been helped”, stated Prime Minister. He also informed that since it is Rabi crop season, steps are being taken to allow the harvesting for farmers. Though the country has enough resources of food grains and the nation need not worry in this aspect.

Prime Minister informed, “it has been seen that for every 10,000 patients close to 1,500 beds are required. There are around 600 hospitals all around the country especially for treatment of COVID-19 in the country. There are around one lakh beds in the country, so in a way we are ready for any explosion of cases for now”.

“I have special request to scientists and youth of this country. Come forward and help us finding cure for this deadly disease. I give you 7 elixirs of life, the saptapati of victory”. By this he urged people to have patience and follow follow 7 principals which are:

1. To take extra care of the senior citizens in your family, especially those with some illness to be given extra care.

2. To follow lockdown and social distancing measures strictly. Use home-made masks, compulsorily not to move out without masks.

3. To increase immunity, the instructions given by Ayush Mantralaya should be followed like using hot water, kadha etc.

4. To download Aarogya Setu app and ask friends and relatives also to use the app.

5. To help poor people around and those in need and in hunger.

6. To be kind to your employees and don’t make their careers victim of a pandemic.

7. To have respect for the Men in Front line, the Corona Warrior Nurses, Doctors, Policemen, Municipal workers and other volunteers.

Finally, Prime Minister Modi requested people to follow lockdown with their full resolve and ask people to be wherever they are right now. Nothing has changed. The determination of a billion Indians have only got stronger against the challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Vyam Rashtre Jagreyayam” (let our country be awakened) echoed the Prime Minister, as the nation moves towards lockdown version 2.0.

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