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Naxals, Missionaries, Bangladeshis : Cocktail behind conspiracy of Palghar lynching?

  • Team PresentMirror | Updated: April 21, 2020, 7:35 a.m.

The Sadhu in the video is seen pleading and holding the hands to the Policeman, but in display is the eroded humanity of the Palghar Police, who instead hands over the victim to the murderous mob. Sanghatan & Maoists, Why have they come together? The curious case of this Man, for being eligible to be questioned here is his connection with the Kashtkari Sanghatan. If your blood still doesn’t boil for justice, get it checked, it might just be your distilled hypocrisy.


Image courtesy : Stree antidote

A heinous crime took place in the Palghar District of Maharashtra, when a mob of 110 men, lynched 3 Hindu men in front of the Palghar Police force, amid the nationwide lockdown. An assistant police inspector and sub inspector has been suspended for dereliction of duties. Two Sadhus (saints) of Juna Akhara and their disciple was brutally beaten and lynched, while the Police made no attempts to save the victims. The saints were on the way to the funeral of their Guru in Surat and were going in a vehicle from Kandivali, Mumbai.

“ A video surfaced in the social media, where an innocent Sadhu was being beaten mercilessly till death Infront of the Police. The sadhu in the video is seen pleading and holding the hands to the Policeman, but in display is the eroded humanity of the Palghar Police, who instead hands over the victim to the murderous mob. The incident is a black blot on Indian Police System and mockery of those Policemen, who leaving their loved ones, are working days and nights to fight against the deadly COVID-19. “

Former CM, Devendra Fadnavis raised questions on the incident saying, “Palghar mob lynching is very cruel and a serious matter. It is more shocking to us the way police did not take any action against people gathering in the area with sticks. What can be more shameful than the way police handed over these people into the hands of a berserk mob and allowed them to take law into their hands.” Maharashtra CM, Uddhav Thackeray, however has assured that they have arrested 110 men including 9 juveniles and a high-level inquiry is being ordered in the incident.

 ● The Maoist Connection to the Palghar Episode

The names of those behind murder and lyching of the two Hindu Saints and their driver are out in the public domain. The main accused mentioned in the FIR of the Palghar police are, Jairam Dhak Bhavar from Divashi Gadagpada village, Mahesh Sitaram Rawate from Kinhavali Khoripada, Ganesh Devaji Rao from Divashi Wakipada, Ramdas Rupji Asare from Divashi Sathepada and Sunil Somaji Rawate from Divashi Patilpada village.

Shiraj Bulsara Prabhu, wife of defrocked Jesuit Priest Pradeep Prabhu, formerly Peter d'Mello Prabhu, is working behind the scenes for 'arranging the bail' of the five CPI(M) accused arrested in the brutal inhuman lynching of 3 innocent Hindu Sadhus. Shiraj and her Husband heads one of the most powerful NGO organisations in India, instrumental in drafting Forest Rights Act, 2006. Pradeep Prabhu is said to be close to Congress while wife Shiraj is often seen in bonhomie with Christian Missionaries in the area.

Image reference: N.T. Ravindranath
The couple’s NGO, which goes by the name of Kashtkari Sanghatan, is instrumental in its opposition to derail the dream project of the Prime Minister Modi, the Bullet train. The NGO has been often found behind violence over the past 40 years, in the Palghar district. A close associate of the couple, Brian Lobo, manages the working of the Sanghatan.

Brian Lobo even 'opposed' 61 Maharashtra villages who agreed to give land for bullet train project. It is clear from the working of organisation that, by hook or by crook, they do not want development to take place in the Tribal Belt, similar to what the Naxals follow in Chhattisgarh. The point to note here is, the same Maha Aghadi bunch of CPI(M), Congress, NCP, and even the Shiv Sena were present when Brian Lobo 'addressed' a convention opposing the bullet train project.

However, in the past, the Sanghatan and Maoists have had a bloody history with each other. “The pattern of violence is horrifying. Ransacking homes and smashing entire villages into subjection in a bid to regain their hold on the tribal belt along Maharashtra's Thane coast, activists and Adivasi supporters of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) have in the past month renewed a campaign of terror and intimidation against villages dominated by the rival Kashtakari Sanghatana”, according to a report in India today in 2013.

So, it is very surprising that the Sanghatan, would want the bail of Maoists. Sanghatan & Maoists, why have they come together? Are they partners of the same crime? What harm these Sanatani Sadhus did to them, that they allegedly had to hatch a plan to lynch them?

Moreover, it is quite possible that Shiraj Bulsara Prabhu might simply be doing it all and protecting the inhuman lynchers out of pure humanity towards them. We don’t speculate anything, we just ask questions.

 ● The alleged Urban Naxal, Gautam Navlakha connection .

Gautam Navlakha has surrendered before the NIA (National Investigative Agency) on Tuesday, (14 April) just 6 days before. He is charged under UAPA act for his alleged involvement in the Bhima-Koregaon riots in 2018. The curious case of this Man, for being eligible to be questioned here, is his connection with the Kashtkari Sanghatan.

Now, anyone would want to ask, why would Kashtakari Sanghatan, Palghar express concerns over the Supreme Court rejecting the bail plea of alleged Urban Naxal Gautam Navlakha? Why would Shiraj Bulsara Prabhu, feature among the key petitioners in condemning the arrest of Gautam Navlakha? Was the lynching of innocent hindus, a joint cocktail to put pressure on the government and agencies to release alleged Urban Naxal, Gautam Navlakha?

But again, as we said before, Ms Shiraj may have done this solely on basis of pure humanity. Somebody get me the tissues.

 ● The Bangladeshi connection to the Palghar Episode

It is clear from the video above, the extent of inhumanity and barbarism shown by these murderous goons. We don’t know, like the intelligent Pratik of Alt News, if it is said, “Bas Oye Bas” or “Bas Shoaib Bas”. However, it seems that Palghar native tribals are not known to carry such an accent. It seems more of an eastern origin, may be from West Bengal or Bangladesh. It is no surprise that Bangladeshis are being seen these days in the Palghar area. As recent as February, 22 Bangladeshis were arrested in the Palghar district living illegally without papers, suggesting Bangladeshi influx in the Tribal area. Now the question arises, why would they be part of this? It is not the first time, the communist hand in lynching of Sadhus have come to the fore. In communist Bengal, 1978, 17 sadhus including a woman, were lynched in a broad daylight, by another such murderous mob.

“ And if their involvement in the crime is indeed proven, the question arises that why would a joint cocktail of Bangladeshis, Naxals and Missionaries want to lynch harmless Sadhus of the Sanatan Hindu Society? The Sadhus had only informed about their journey to the Police, seeking their permission in this regard. How did all of a sudden, a mob of hundreds gather in a lockdown of a state, that is the red zone of all hotspots of COVID-19 in India? Why would a mob involve 9 juveniles armed with sticks to lynch innocents? “

Whatever may be the conspiracy, the truth being those who left their families at early childhood and renounced luxuries of life, were lynched like animals before the protectors of law, the Police. Whatever happened in Palghar is a larger than life blot on the humanity we humans so boast about, the superior race. Really? And above all, the vultures at media houses like The Hindu, were found downplaying the incident as men rumoured as thieves. Shame, shame on all of us, if we cannot stand for Justice against the torturous murder of a 70-year-old Saint. If your blood still doesn’t boil for justice, get it checked, it might just be your distilled hypocrisy.

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