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India’s Fight Against COVID-19 is People-Driven: PM Modi in Mann Ki Baat

  • Team PresentMirror | Updated: April 26, 2020, 3:35 p.m.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in 64th episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’, has said that India’s fight against COVID-19 is people driven. People of India are contributing and leading the fight against the pandemic. They are supporting the Government and administration in this war. India’s People-Driven war against the pandemic will be remembered and discussed whenever the world will talk about the crisis.


Image source: PMO India

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi said that we are fighting poverty and COVID-19 together and said that we all are soldiers in this fight. People are helping the poor with food and essential goods. From manufacturing medicines to medical equipment, all are being made in India. PM said that Tali, Thali, Diya, Candles have motivated all in this war against the corona-virus.

PM Modi, hailed the farmers of the country and said that farmers are working day and night to ensure that nobody will sleep without food. He also raised the point that people are giving up rents, pensions, subsidies, donating food and donating to PM CARES fund and making masks to help in this crisis. He bowed down to the people of India and said that this is a tool to power the India’s fight against the pandemic.

He also mentioned about the digital platform “covidwarriors.gov.in” and said that this platform has connected over 1.25 crore people including the doctors, ANMs and ASHA workers, volunteers, NCC etc. This has helped in implementation and management of plans. PM asked the people to come forward and volunteer in the war against COVID-19.

PM Modi, said that difficulties caused by the outbreak has brought new possibilities and changes in India. Businesses and Education sectors have adopted new technologies. He further added, "We are witnessing what the Nation as a team can do".

Prime Minister hailed the Aviation and Railways and said that they are working day and night to make our lives easier by delivering medicines, equipment and essential goods in the country. PM mentioned that under the program “Lifeline Udan” , 500 tonnes of medical supplies have been delivered covering more than 3 lakh kms of distance. Indian Railways is also supplying the essential goods to all parts of the country through 60 rail-lines, which are kept opened for parcel vans.

PM Modi, praised the Epidemic Diseases (Amendment) Ordinance 2020, which penalizes offences against the health care workers and corona warriors and assured that many health care workers and doctors are being protected by the said ordinance.

Prime Minister further informed that under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojna (PMGKY), money is being transferred directly to the accounts of people. PM also lauded the respective State Governments and said that they have been very active and responsible and are playing a large role in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

PM also said people are viewing the society with a fresh outlook. We are witnessing the importance of people around us such as, essential goods providers, mandi-workers, Rickshaw pullers, Auto drivers etc. People are showering flowers on sanitation workers and police men. "The crisis shook our hearts to the core. Police are also seeing this as an opportunity to serve people. The crisis has changed our long negative perception about the Police and this will play a huge role in future. We should never allow negativity overshadow positivity," exclaimed the Prime Minister.

PM Modi, talked about preservation of Nature and Culture, as a new way to understand life. He said that these qualities are assessed in testing times. He added, " No one would have blamed India, if we chose not to supply medicines to other countries. But India according to our culture, has decided to supply medicines to the other countries in this crisis situation. Many world leaders have hailed this move and thanked people of India. People are now resorting to Ayurveda and Yoga to enhance their immunity".

PM Modi, expressed regret saying, “it is unfortunate that we don’t realize our culture and ancient teachings, but when other countries come with evidence based research, we acknowledge that. We have to be more confident about our culture and the young generation needs to take the challenge to carry forward our culture”.

Prime Minister said that this pandemic has brought changes to working style, life-style and habits. "We have never seen these many people wearing masks and keeping their face covered. It should not be taken as all of them are sick. There was a time, if anyone was buying fruits, people thought that someone is sick in their family, this has changed now. The perception about wearing Masks/Gamchha will also change and will become a normal thing", PM said. He raised the grave concern of spitting in public places and urged people to eradicate this bad habit by giving mantra of “better late than never”.

PM Modi, also talked about the festival of “Akshaya Tritiya” and said that our ‘soul’ and ‘feelings’ are ‘Akshay’ (Imperishable). He also mentioned importance of conservation of environment, forests and ecosystem. He said that we have to ensure that our Earth is Akshay (Imperishable). He also highlighted that it is also an opportunity to donate.

Prime Minister mentioned about 1st Jain teerthankar 'Risabhdeo' and Lord 'Basaveshawara'. He congratulated people for pious month of Ramazan and urged people to celebrate with patience, harmony, sensitivity and service, so that COVID-19 war is won before EID celebration begins. He showed his gratitude toward the community leaders for requesting social distancing and to follow guidelines. He said people have celebrated Bihu, Baisakhi, vishu, Odia new year and easter by staying at home and helping the war against COVID-19.

Prime Minister, Modi warned people about being over-confident and said that “As a family member, I request you to don’t be over-confident. Don’t think that corona has not come to our streets, localities, societies etc., so it will not reach to our homes. We have to take extra care. PM quoted that “Savdhani Hati, Durghatna Ghati”.

He quoted the Sanskrit shloka:

अग्नि: शेषं ॠण: शेषं व्याधि: शेषं तथैव च |

पुन: पुन: प्रवार्धेत तस्मात् शेषं न कारयेत ||

Agnih shesham runah shesham vyadhih shesham thathaiva cha |

punah punah pravardhet tasmaat shesham na kaarayet ||

Agni (Fire), Runa (Loan), vyadhi (Disease) even in small traces, their remains will grow again, so it is better to finish them off completely.

Finally, Prime Minister concluded by saying, “DO GAJ DURI, BAHUT HAI JARURI” i.e. 2 feet distance is very important. Closing his Mann ki Baat speech, PM hoped for some good news by the next Mann ki Baat.

Listen to complete Mann ki Baat

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