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HC slams Kejriwal government: 108 COVID-19 bodies left to rot

  • TeamPresentMirror | Updated: May 29, 2020, 11:30 p.m.


The COVID-19 Mortuary of Lok Nayak Hospital has a gruesome tale to tell. COVID-19 bodies piled over one another is sign of inhumanity, stinking of the failure of Kejriwal government, now slammed by HC.


Delhi High Court has slammed Kejriwal government over negligence in duties when it came to creation of COVID-19 bodies. Coming strongly at government of Delhi, the High Court said, “We, as citizens of Delhi are pained at the aforesaid state of affairs and as judges find the situation as reported and if true, to be highly dissatisfactory and violative of the rights of the dead.”

The COVID-19 Mortuary of Lok Nayak Hospital has 108 bodies uncremated. 80 storage racks are full and 20 bodies are lying above one another on the floor. This mortuary is the repository of bodies of those who died of the corona virus disease or are suspected to have died of it. None of them deserve such death as give to them by the Delhi government. These bodies are as old as 5 days.

The reason for such negligence as given by Delhi NCT government is malfunctioning of CNG furnaces at Nigam Bodh and Punjabi Bagh crematoriums. However, the bench of judges came strongly at them saying that in spite of wood-based cremation permitted considering the reasons of malfunction, why was the same not implemented and the dead left to rot since last 5 days?

The right to funeral or a burial is a right every dead has in this country. Has the Delhi government forgotten the same?

● Supreme Court, as far back as in Pt. Parmanand Katara, Advocate vs. Union of India, (1995) 3 SCC 248, held that right to dignity and fair treatment under Article 21 of the Constitution of India is not only available to a living man but also to his body, after his death.

● Right to decent burial or cremation was also emphasised in Ashray Adhikar Abhiyan vs. Union of India (2002).

● The Division Bench of the Chief Justice of High Court of Bombay, judgment dated 22.05.2020 in a Public Interest Litigation titled as Pradeep Gandhy vs. State of Maharashtra, has also emphasised the same.

It is to be noted that Lok Nayak Hospital comes directly under Delhi NCT government, hence there is no room left for CM Kejriwal for any blame game politics here. The maintenance inside the hospital is responsibility of elected Delhi government. Treating 108 bodies like pile of trash is unbecoming of any government and Chief Minister.

Being that careless and tyrant towards the dead is a seldom watched scenario in a hospital, which sadly the Delhi government brought to reality. Dying from a disease like COVID-19 is no sin. When in this country even terrorists who claim thousands of lives are given a funeral, what wrong did those 108 people do to Delhi government that they weren’t even given last rites. Dear Delhi government, the dead are watching, remember that.

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