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Biggest lesson from Coronavirus crisis is Self-Reliance, says PM Modi

  • TeamPresentMirror | Updated: April 24, 2020, 5:22 p.m.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, on Friday, addressed over 31 lakh Panchayat representatives on Panchayati Raj Day through a video conference. PM highlighted that biggest lesson and message from the COVID-19 crisis is being self reliant. It was on this day (24th April), when Panchayati Raj Institutions were provided Constitutional status by 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act, 1992.


PM Modi during the conference

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi started by congratulating the Panchayats and their representatives, who have been awarded with several awards such as ‘Deen Dayal Updhyay Panchayat Sashaktikaran Purashkar’, ‘Nanaji Deshmukh Rashtriya Gaurav Gram Sabha Purashkar’, ‘Bal Hitaishi Purashkar’, ‘e-Panchayat Purashkar’ and ‘GPDP’.

Prime Minister further added that COVID-19 pandemic has created new and unprecedented problems, which we never imagined but the Corona virus crisis has also taught us new lessons. The biggest message and lesson from the crisis is to be Self-Reliant. We should be self-reliant to face such problems. Our villages, cities should be self-reliant, so that we do not have to look to others for our needs.

Prime Minister said that Mahatma Gandhi used to say, "My vision of Swaraj is Gram Swaraj." Prime Minister, Modi added that Panchayats are very important in order to establish ‘Swaraj’ in the villages. He went on to add a quote, "Strong Panchayats lead to strong Democracy". PM Modi mentioned that 5-6 years ago, less than a hundred Panchayats were having broadband connection. Today, more than 1.25 lakh Panchayats are connected through broadband. Also there are more than 3 lakh Customer Service Centers (CSCs) in villages.

Prime Minister also said that protective environment can’t reveal true education and ability of people. "During this time of crisis, people in villages have motivated us by their wisdom. The villagers have given the Mantra of 2 Gaj Duri to maintain social distancing and fight with the pandemic. Due to their contribution, today the whole world is hailing India in handling the situation of COVID-19 pandemic," echoed Modi. PM also interacted with the Sarpanch group from different parts of the country for suggestions and to know about their experience in handling the crisis. He mentioned, Mohd. Iqbal(Narwaw, Baramulla, J&K) and gave the slogan “Respect All, Suspect All”. PM Modi also inaugurated e-Gramswaraj Portal and Swamitva Yojna. The e-Gramswaraj portal will facilitate village Panchayats in planning, management and audit of accounts. It is a work base accounting application where all the information about accounts of panchayats will be available. It will help the Panchayats in monitoring the accounts and reporting. It will bring transparency and increase the speed of processing.

The Swamitva Yojna is intended to provide ownership of property to people residing in Indian villages. Prime Minster, Modi said that most of the people in the villages are not having their property papers. This Swamitva Yojna will ensure to provide property rights and papers to such people. The properties in villages will be mapped by using Drones.

Swamitva Yojna will remove confusion among people about their property area, facilitate better development planning, and help village people in getting loans. It will be implemented in six states (Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madha Pradesh, Karnataka, Haryana and Uttarakand) for trial and later on in other states.

Watch the full Video conference from Prime mInister's official here

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