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  • SachinPilotReturns.jpg
    Sachin Pilot : A pendulum in making, swung by Gehlot backed by Maharani?

    The recent month-long political crisis in Rajasthan which is currently ruled by Congress party has created a huge rift among the Congress State Unit and only time will tell whether they will sail through it. Pilot has lost everything, from the post of Deputy CM to State President, and is becoming in to a swinging pendulum, threads of which are held by CM Gehlot.

  • contemptbhusan.png
    Contempt of Court : How was the rogue advocate, Prashant Bhusan nailed?

    Prashant Bhushan, a repeated offender, got nailed for his tweets mentioning the supreme court which were condemnatory. The court has finally held him guilty of contempt and a punishment is due to be announced on 20th August. We dwell in to the legalities, the character of the crime committed and details of the contempt proceedings.

  • krishna_.jpg
    Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi : a victim of persecution and oppression

    As Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Nirman Nyas has now been formed in Mathura, which has 80 saints from 14 states, justice to Krishna Janmbhoomi is now echoing everywhere. Places of Worship act is a two-way sword, either way Idgah committee has nothing much left to show to the courts. We discuss the history and legalities concerning the Krishna Janmbhoomi.

  • Air-india-crash.jpg
    Kozhikode Air India crash : Could the crash have been avoided, an analysis?

    An Air India, Vande Bharat Express flight with 184 passengers and crew on board overshot the runway and fell head-on into the ditch, breaking in to two parts on collision. 19 people are reported dead and many are still injured. The crash raises further questions on accidental preparations of DGCA who doesn’t seem to have learnt anything from the Mangalore crash a decade back.

  • NEP.jpg
    National Education Policy 2020 : Everything about the new NEP

    The Union Cabinet on Wednesday, 29th July 2020 approved the National Education Policy. The policy looks sweeping in its vision and has taken academicians by storm. However, the main challenge still remains to transform this boundless aspiration, which almost promises a zenithal paradise for our next generation into reality.

  • cow4.jpg
    Cow Smuggling Cartel caught in Jharkhand: Cow Mafia a reality?

    While the media in the country overflows up with news of cow lynchers and cow vigilantes, an incident in Jharkhand tells the other side of the story. A group of cow meat smugglers were caught in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, while trying to smuggle Cow meat in the area. This incident however reignites the burning question, is Cow smuggling Mafia in India a reality?


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