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    National Education Policy 2020 : Everything about the new NEP

    The Union Cabinet on Wednesday, 29th July 2020 approved the National Education Policy. The policy looks sweeping in its vision and has taken academicians by storm. However, the main challenge still remains to transform this boundless aspiration, which almost promises a zenithal paradise for our next generation into reality.

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    Cow Smuggling Cartel caught in Jharkhand: Cow Mafia a reality?

    While the media in the country overflows up with news of cow lynchers and cow vigilantes, an incident in Jharkhand tells the other side of the story. A group of cow meat smugglers were caught in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, while trying to smuggle Cow meat in the area. This incident however reignites the burning question, is Cow smuggling Mafia in India a reality?

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    18 Crore Indians silently immunized against COVID 19, claims Thyrocare Founder, Dr A Velumani

    Any ray of hope and a possible sign of victory against the deadly virus is now being greeted with a rapturous welcome, taking netizens and commoners by storm. Amidst the aggravated situation, a positive ray of hope vindicated by evidence states that 15% of Indians have already tested positive for Abs which means 18 Crore Indians have already been silently immunized against COVID 19.


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