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    Munger and Faridabad Horrors: Two Classic Cases of Government Apathy

    Two abhorring and spine-chilling news broke out on 26th October, 2020. One was about an attack by uniformed personnel on a Durga Visarjan procession in Munger, Bihar for no concrete reason and the other, about a Faridabad girl who was killed in broad daylight in a Love-Jihad case. Both the crimes have sent tremors among the public and are so detestable that they compel us to retrospect and confront the power corridors in the country.

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    Bihar Elections : These candidates with criminal history may not be your choice to vote

    Bihar Assembly elections are all set to begin in three phases. Like every time, the number of tainted candidates with criminal history pending against them in this election is quite high. According to the latest ADR report, candidates of all parties including RJD, JDU, INC and BJP have fielded candidates with criminal cases on them. A report on the dark side of the Bihar elections.

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    Indian Air Force Day Parade : IAF releases Promo video, Know the attractions of October 8

    The day is coming when the Indian populace will witness the sounds of rotors, thunder of engines as roaring Rafales, indigenous Tejas and the hawky Apache take the auxillary flight displaying the valour and pride of the fourth largest airforce in the world. The cutting age technologies and rapid modernisation will be a treat to the eyes on state of art platforms, at the same time blaring conch at the empty Chinese threats on the LAC, behold the occasion that is Indian Airforce day.


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