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₹ 20 Lakh crore special economic package and Lockdown 4.0 announced by PM Modi: Emphasized on Self-dependent India

  • Team PresentMirror | Updated: May 12, 2020, 11:22 p.m.

PM Modi in his address to the nation announced a special economic package of ₹ 20 Lakh crore to help India become self dependent. This package includes the recent economic announcements of Government and RBI. This total package of ₹ 20 Lakh crore is approx 10 percent of India’s total GDP. This package will help different sections of country, economic entities. This package will give new speed to goal of self dependent India. This package caters to Land, labour, liquidity, laws, cottage industrie


PM Modi during his address to the Nation

PM said that “All experts and scientist say that corona will be a part of our lives for a long time. We can’t let our lives to be focused around corona only. We will wear masks, we will follow do Gaj Doori (2-feet distance), but we will not let our goals unachieved. So Lockdown 4.0, will be completely with new look and rules. Based on the suggestions from the States new guidelines will be formulated and all the information will be provided before 18 may. I have complete faith that we will follow the rules and progress ahead, He added”

PM talked about the quote, “Sarvam atma vasham sukham (Everyone’s happiness is in their hand)”. Self dependence empowers us along with providing us happiness and satisfaction. Our new oath and new festival is Self Dependence and the we need to progress with self reliance goal.

PM said that, this package is for labours and farmers who are working day and night and in all weather for the country. This package is for fishermen, animal husbandry farmers etc, and include something for all the sectors. He mentioned that the package is for middle class, who pay income taxes honestly and contribute in development of country. The package caters the need of Industry, which is helping India in all round development.

PM said that the Finance minister will be detailing about the package from tomorrow. He talked about need of bold reforms to progress in direction of self dependent India. Pm mentioned how reforms of last 6 years have helped Indian society very much. JAM (Jandhan-Aadhar-Mobile triad) has helped in DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer), even in complete lockdown. PM said it is needed to give new heights to these reforms.

PM stressed on high focus on supply chain in agriculture to help farmers, to fight an crisis like this in future. He mentioned the need of Rational tax system, better infrastructure, transparent rules and law, capable Human resources, and strong financial system. These will encourage business investment and will empower our goal of self dependent India. Self dependence is possible only with Self-power and self-confidence.

PM mentioned that the vision of self-dependent India is standing on 5 pillars.
1. Economy- not incremental change but quantum jump is required.
2. Infrastructure- which becomes identity of new India.
3. System- which is not customs and policies of last century but technology driven system that fulfills dreams of 21st century.
4. Demography- Vibrant demography of world’s largest democracy is our power and source of energy.
5. Demand- In our economy, the cycle and power of demand and supply should be used in its full capability. PM stressed on making the supply chain stronger.

PM said that many big economies have been destroyed to a great extent by the pandemic. He praised the patience and fighting spirit of labors, vendors, daily wagers and rickshaw pullers etc. He emphasized that it is our duty to empower them. PM also said that importance of local manufacturing, local market, local supply chain has been understood. He said that, this local has saved us. Local is not only need but our responsibility. We have to make local our life mantra. We have to be vocal for our local. Buy and market them. Our country can do it. He cited example of Khadi and handloom workers, both demand and sale is on record level for these.

PM said that, the world is fighting against COVID-19 for more than 4 months . More than 4.2 million people have been infected and more than 2.75lakh people have lost their lives. PM offered his condolences for the all the families in India and world who have lost their kins. PM mentioned that, one virus has wrecked havoc in the whole world affecting millions of people across the world. The whole world is in war to save lives. This pandemic is unprecedented and certainly unimaginable for humanity. But we should not get tired, lost broken, instead we have to take care and step ahead.

PM said that, our oaths have to be stronger than this pandemic. It has been said since last century that 21st century belongs to India. Due to COVID-19, India has seen the world with great details, both before and after COVID-19, it is our dream and responsibility to ensure that 21st century belongs to India. He stated that the only way to do this is “Self Dependent India”. He added that, India is at a very important stage as a nation amid this unforeseen crisis.

PM said the crisis has brought a message and opportunity for India mentioning that, before COVID-19 no PPE kits were made in India and only namesake N-95 masks were made in India. Today, daily 2 lakh PPE and N-95 Masks each are manufactured in India, because India has created the disaster into opportunity. This vision of India is very effective in achieving our goal of self-dependent India. India sees world as family (Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam). India’s self dependence also thinks about the world’s good and India’s steps always affect the world. How India can give more to world? By self-dependent India, PM added.

PM also mentioned how Indian scientist help in the Y2K crisis. He also mentioned the devastation and destruction caused by Kutch earthquake disaster and how India overcame that.

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