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  • Indian-Air-Force-Day-Parade.jpg
    Indian Air Force Day Parade : IAF releases Promo video, Know the attractions of October 8

    The day is coming when the Indian populace will witness the sounds of rotors, thunder of engines as roaring Rafales, indigenous Tejas and the hawky Apache take the auxillary flight displaying the valour and pride of the fourth largest airforce in the world. The cutting age technologies and rapid modernisation will be a treat to the eyes on state of art platforms, at the same time blaring conch at the empty Chinese threats on the LAC, behold the occasion that is Indian Airforce day.

  • the-peer-politics-of-the-left-supressing-the-voices-that-dont-agree.jpg
    The peer politics of the Left – supressing the voices that don’t agree

    While the social media has become a great tool to counter the left and their treacherous narratives, but that remains limited pretty much to the virtual world. In real world, people still face threats and are harassed by the left regularly. The peer politics of the left has crossed all bounds and has turned into a tool for supressing voices that don't agree.

  • arab-man-is-getting-custody-his-son_94347-732.jpg
    Sharia Courts : Telangana’s attempt to murder the tenets of constitution and democracy ?

    Demand of setting up Sharia courts is not something new to pop up. Since a long time, several Muslim bodies, including the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) had expressed its desire of setting up Sharia courts in India. AIMPLB had gone to the extent of claiming that it wants to establish Sharia courts in each district of the country. The question being, do such kangaroo courts adhere to values of constitution?


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