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How to download YouTube Videos with or without using any software

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  • TeamPresentMirror | Updated: May 24, 2020, 6:37 p.m.


YouTube has arguably become integral part of our daily life, be it entertainment, gaining or sharing knowledge or habit etc. As we know that YouTube is online video streaming platform and doesn’t allow users to download its videos. However one can save the videos in YouTube so that they can access that video without internet any time.



Sometimes we can’t stream YouTube online or unable to save videos due to network issue (may be caused by several reasons). For our good, there are lot of software and other methods from which we can download YouTube videos and stream anywhere and anytime without going online. Let’s discuss about how to download YouTube videos with or without using any software.

1. Use YouTube Premium Account

First method to download YouTube videos is to use YouTube Premium Account. With premium account you can download YouTube videos and use them anytime and anywhere. But videos download through premium account can only be viewed in the YouTube app or streaming website, you can’t transfer them to anywhere else.


2. Using YouTube downloader apps to download YouTube Videos

There are lot of software available online which help to download YouTube videos easily. But as YouTube is owned by Google, you may not get any YouTube video downloader software on Google Play Store. Hence installing these software is a bit risky as they may contain harmful of malicious content and may subsequently harm your device. For installing these software you may have to allow “Installation of unknown sources” in your device’s setting. TubeMate and VidMate are among the few apps that allow users to download YouTube videos for free. TubMate is particularly most used but was removed from Google Play Store. Download TubeMate or VidMate from here.

Description: TubeMate.jpg

3. How to download YouTube videos without using any software

Use savefrom.net or the ‘SS’ method.

·      Open the YouTube video you want to download

·      Go to the URL and add “ss” after ‘www.’ And before ‘YouTube’ and hit Enter

Description: ss.JPG

·      This will take you to Savefrom.net

·      Select the quality and your download will begin.

Description: Savefrom.JPG


4.   How to download YouTube videos using third party websites

There are several third party websites and tools that enable users to download YouTube videos for free without using any software.

      I.     Ddownr

Description: DDOWNR.JPG

·      Open https://ddownr.com

·      Copy and paste the YouTube video URL into ddownr search box.

·      Click “Download” to and select output and video resolution.

·      It will start the download.

  II.   Clip Converter


Description: ClipConverter.JPG


·      Go to https://www.clipconverter.cc/2/

·      Copy and paste the YouTube video URL in search box and click continue.

·      Select the format of video and click “start” button.

·      Once the conversion is done, click download to save the video.


III.   CatchVideo


·      Go to http://catchvideo.net/en

·      Copy and paste YouTube video URL in the search box.

·      Select the quality of videos

·      Click Catch button to download your video.


5. Add-ons for Browser


There are several add-ons available for various browsers which enable us to download YouTube videos without any fuss. However most of the add-ons are blocked on Google Chrome, citing policy violation as the reason. You can try One Click Downloader for Google Chrome, YouTube Downloader for opera, Video downloader professional for Edge and YouTube videos as MP4 extension for Mozilla Firefox.

The above mentioned methods and tools are adequate enough to cater your need of downloading YouTube videos. You will never need to go to the streaming website to watch your favourite videos and music every-time. Just download it and use anytime without going online.  If you have any other query, do contact us.

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