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How to create system restore point in Windows 10

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  • TeamPresentMirror | Updated: April 13, 2020, 11:22 a.m.

System restore point is an important built-in tool that helps you to take your system to previous good state. A Restore point is representation of a stored state of your computer's system files at that particular time. These Restore points are created automatically by System Restore weekly and when System Restore detects the beginning of a change to your computer like when you install a program or a driver on your computer. A System Restore point lets you select a point in time when your compute


If you are thinking to install any applications or drivers on your computer or going to make any changes to registry and don't know how this will affect your system than it is recommended to create system restore point before installation of applications or drivers. It is very easy to create system restore point in Windows 10.

System Restore is sometimes also called as System Protection. Despite being a very useful tool the System restore feature is disabled by default and you need to turn it on to create system restore point in Windows. You can enable system restore by:

  • ● Open Start and search for System Restore (or Create a restore point), and click the top result to open the System Properties.


  • ● Go to "Protection Settings", select the main drive containing OS, and click the Configure button


  • ● Click the Turn on system protection option.

How to Create a System Restore Point in Windows 10

Once System restore is enabled, Windows 10 creates system restore point automatically when you install or uninstall application from Windows or perform updates. But it is recommended to make a restore point of Windows periodically for good results. You can create system restore points manually in Windows 10 by following steps:

  • ● Press “Windows key + E” to open windows explorer, select computer (This PC) and right click on it to open Properties.
  • ● This will open system in control panel. Now click on System Protection link.


  • ● Select System Protection tab (You can also open it directly by searching Create a restore point and pressing Enter)
  • ● Click on Create button to create a new restore point. Give description as per your convenience.


  • ● Now click on create button. System will start creating the restore point.


  • ● When finished, you will be notified that the restore point was created successfully.


Now your System restore point is created and you can use it when there is any error in windows or anything problematic happened after any update or mistake. We wish that you never need system restore to recover your Windows to a good state, but if has happened you can recover using system restore point very easily.

 How to recover using System restore point

  • ● Windows + E > This PC > Right Click > Properties
  • ● Click on System Protection
  • ● Now go to System Restore > Select your system restore point


  • ● Now you can check the programs which will be affected after the restore by clicking on Scan for affected programs and click close.


  • ● Click Next > Finish


Once completed your Windows system will be restored to a previous healthy and working state selected by you.

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