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Remdesivir : India witnesses overuse & black marketing of the COVID-19 drug

  • Divyanshi Sachdeva | Team PresentMirror | Updated: July 25, 2020, 11:58 a.m.


India sees a massive exploitation and Black Marketing of the Drug Remdesivir. A Drug that is priced originally for INR 4000 is being black marketed at a price of INR 60000. Is this even real?


People and Retailers have formed a cartel to trade for the respective drug. The ones actually in need are not getting the access to the medication. We have many people who have faced this situation.

● On contacting one of the relative of a covid patient, who’s being treated in a top medical institution, "There is rampant black marketing, there is a cartel running," these were the word he said in grief. "The system is so exploitative, I went to Yusuf Sarai market and I was told, today the going rate for remdesivir was 37,000 rupees. The day before it was 25,000," The person enquired at all the chemist shops in East, South and West Delhi and each one of them gave the same response, thus proving a formation of cartel controlling the flow of drug.

● A case of Surat tells the brutal story of Remdesivir black marketing. A patient has to die because the drug wasn’t available anywhere except Civil Hospital. In a shame to humanity, Civil hospital denied drug to the patient. The members of the family told Present Mirror about the cruelty that normal patients have to go owing to black marketing of the drug.

● There is an extensive fraud going on in Gurugram, where agents have been selling the drug 10 times its original price in adjacent areas like Delhi and Noida.

A complaint had been placed by the local community circle to the health ministry regarding the vicious drug scam. Acting to the complaint, the Drugs Controller General of India, VG Somani instructed abruptly to the State Drug Regulators to ensure that the black marketing and fraud use of drug does not happen any day ahead. This Letter was written by him this week earlier.

Currently, we have three companies manufacturing the drugs to treat covid-19

1. Hetero , the first company to launch Remdesivir at a price of INR 5400

2. Mylan’s Dersem Priced INR 4800

3. Furthermore Cipla’s Cipremi at INR 4,000

The demand for these drugs is on fire. The gap between the demand and supply have led to such unfortunate circumstances within the country. The government is trying to ram up the production process and supplying the medications into the hospital ASAP. According To the figures revealed by the Central Drugs and Standards Control Organization (CDSCO), India will be producing 20,000 vials per day by the end of July.

The stringent attitude adopted by the government regarding this situation can surely bring some aid for the public. But we as humans, should not take advantage out of this. People are suffering and losing their special ones almost every day. We should be kind and compassionate to others rather than adopting unfair trade practices. This is the most you can do on your part. So why not? Think about it!

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