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    COVID-19: Rajasthan Ceases Use of Rapid Testing Kits Due to Invalid Results, Report Forwarded to ICMR

    The use of Rapid testing kits, which were supposed to speed up the screening and detection of suspected COVID-19 cases has been stopped by the Rajasthan government on Tuesday after most of the tested results were found invalid and inaccurate. Rajasthan’s Health Minister Mr. Raghu Sharma said that the rapid testing kits gave only 5.4% accurate results against the expected accuracy of 90 percent and therefore these rapid testing kits were of no benefit.

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    COVID-19: 10 times more deadly than Swine flu says WHO

    The COViD-19 caused by novel corona virus is 10 times more deadly than the Swine flu (H1N1) said WHO in virtual media briefing. The Swine flu pandemic wrecked havoc in the world in 2009. Most of the countries are facing lockdowns due to COVID-19 pandemic which has infected 1920918 people and caused 119686 confirmed deaths till now.

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    1000 ventilators every week, Gujarat’s Jyoti CNC shows the way against COVID-19

    The most astounding thing of all is that they have done it within 10 days and has been tested and certified by Electronics & Quality Development Centre (EQDC), Gandhi Nagar. It is said that in India there are approx. 40000 ventilators and more than 50000 are still needed as per government. Indian companies like Jyoti CNC are turning out to be a Vishwakarma for building up the Indian defense against COVID-19.


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