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    No FDI change wrt. China, clarifies Modi government as opposition is caught in a fix on the GWM deal

    Indian Commerce Ministry has put hold to the rumours in the media for once and all that the foreign direct investment (FDI) policy towards China post disengagement in Ladakh remains unaltered and no Chinese investment can skip due procedure and necessary clearance. The strategy of opposition however to actually target the government on issue of easing FDI rules only further exposes their hypocrisy on the GWM Chinese deal, ironically made when 20 soldiers lost their life in the Galwan standoff.

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    S-400 suspension : The non-existent Moscow-Beijing Tango

    The recent reports of Russia suspending S-400 missile deliveries to China sparked off a long-standing question of hollowness of the relations between the two countries. Unlike the US, Russia and China can only attempt to occupy neighbours’ territories. And it is no surprise that the expression of displeasure to Russia’s celebration on Victory Day by Chinese people and explicit mention of China’s ambassador to Pakistan about Vladivostok being ancient Chinese land is a confirmation.

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    Indian Economy: Slow Down, Stimulus Package and COVID-19, an analysis

    The COVID-19 pandemic and Economic shutdown triggered a global crisis disrupting billions of lives. Various countries governments are trying their best to come out of this economic slowdown by releasing stimulus packages, quantitative easing etc. as this slowdown is a different one.


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