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Paatal Lok: Communal, Casteist, Racist series, laced with propaganda

  • Vishwaksen | Team PresentMirror | Updated: May 26, 2020, 6:30 p.m.

Paatal Lok, the recent web series premiered on Amazon Prime Video, is another of the crime thrillers in the book of leftist propaganda, where the art of inserting propaganda against United India and dividing it in terms of caste, creed, class and religion is the norm.


The series begins with the main character Hathiram Chaudhary, who is an honest cop, who for the first time in his life have got a very big assignment. Four criminals are caught red-handed in a ploy to assassinate a TV journalist and anchor Sanjeev Mehra. Hathiram has a newly appointed accomplice in his case, well mannered cop Ansari, who is also preparing for his IAS interview. Among the 4 criminals arrested is Hathoda Tyagi, a history sheeter and a murderer for more than 30 crimes. And then begins the unending propaganda.

● Episode One: Promoting racism on North Easterners and Nepalis and degrading them as prostitutes


• A north easterner is caught by Police and slutty slurs like the R word are hurled at her by the policewoman on duty. She is also calling her Nepali. Why is the series selectively stereotyping north easterners in the flesh trade? What are they trying to achieve?

• A complaint has been filed by Gorkha Association Namsai stating the same


Copy of Complaint filed by Gorkha Association Namsai

● Episode Two: Promoting Islamophobic content


• The Police Inspector on duty creates an unnecessary conversation on khatna ie. circumcision and keeps asking the only muslim caught that why is he ‘pretending to be Hindu’. This drama scene ends on communal slurs like “Katua”.

• Since the Muslim policeman couldn’t catch the muslim criminal, his religious identity is taunted by fellow policemen. Why is the series trying to incite hatred in minorities?

Episode Three: Promoting Casteism and Enmity between two Sikh castes

• Two prominent sikh castes are shown as enemies but it doesn’t just stop here. This episode is full of casteist slurs and spreading hatred between Manjars and Jats. A Jat Mukhiya who is a respected figure in villages, is shown raping an elderly Manjar women live in front of her family. This incident has no relevance with the main story at all. Was the goal of series to divide the Sikh community, it needs to be known? What is the motive behind to malign one of the selfless helpful communities of India, the Sikhs?


• Unnecessary quoting of sacred Hindu epic Mahabharata here and there, unnecessary involvement of a temple for a criminal to hide. Can the producers show any proof of direct involvement of temples in hiding criminals? Then what was the need to do such propaganda?

● Episode Four: Promoting religious hatred between Hindu and Muslim Policemen


• This episode is hell bent to destroy brotherhood between policemen who work for the country as their duty not as a part of their caste or religion.

• The episode shows a sleeping policeman on duty from the Muslim Community during an Aarti done in the police station. The hindu policemen are shown giving him angry looks.

• It doesn’t just stop here, Islamophobia is being promoted again when it is shown that a lady from responsible organisations like CBI, is taunting Muslim policemen for his selection in civil services.

● Episode 5: Normalisation of the ISI narrative as fake

• There is a forced evident attempt to normalise the ISI narrative as fake in the episode. The episode also maligns integrity of responsible organisations like CBI. The CBI is shown to misled the investigation and churn an ISI narrative in the case. But later the story proves that CBI was misleading everyone.

• This continues in the Episode 6, where a fake narrative of a Pakistani ISI terrorist killed in Indian Jail, throat slit by a nationalist criminal, is shown.


• However, it was a Fake news and on which The Print also did a story . The narrative of killing of a retd ISI colonel inside an Indian Jail was a lie. Now the question is, why are the producers of Patal Lok trying hard to pass this lie? Why do they want to malign CBI? Why use original organisation names if everything is just fiction?

● Episode 6: Episode of the shameful Communal propaganda

• This episode only has hatred, division, lies and propaganda to serve you against the largely tolerant silent majority of the country, the Hindus.

• This episode begins with a woman, presumably vegetarian, starting to feel uneasy and trying to vomit vigorously, just by seeing a Muslim co-passenger eating meat. Suddenly, the train stops and a large group of people wearing “Bhagwa” i.e. saffron attire, reverberate the scene with chants of “Ram Lala Hum Aaenge, Mandir Wahin Banayenge” (Lord Ram, that day is near. We will hear your name in every cheer.) The muslim family is shown scared at the sight.


• This doesn’t just stop here, but the episode went on to show that the family is lynched in the train on rumour of carrying beef by group of saffron men. The saffron men don’t listen and keep beating the victim while the victim keeps saying, “This is chicken and not beef please.” Heart breaking indeed, but a white lie.


• Now that we have understood the propaganda, Let’s look at some truth.

This propaganda of Junaid lynching on beef rumour was pelted by left lib intelligentsia severely, but the judgement of Punjab High Court shocked everyone. There was no mention of chicken or beef in the judgement. The judgement clearly states, “There is neither any evidence of any preplanning to cause incident deliberately or intentionally or to create disharmony.” This is was just a personal seat fight between two individuals on train.

• Another such incident took place in Maharashtra, where a similar such incident happened, victim was Sagar Markad , reason was same, seat fight. Another seat fight incident is of Rahman , Hyderabad, reason being same, seat fight. There is no communal angle to such personal brawls. The sole motive of this point is personal feuds should not be given a communal colour. While the episode 6 of Patal Lok, feeds on such lies of hatred.

No one can understand the basic point of such hatred in the series. What is the motive to show saffron wearing people lynching a minority in the train? When saffron wearing Sadhus are lynched Infront of Policemen in Palghar, such truth will never be shown by the producers. Have the producers forgotten that last time saffron wearing people gathered in a train with Lord Ram chants, they were burnt alive, mercilessly, along with women and children at Godhra. What did that lead to? Hatred can only lead to more hatred. Series like Paatal Lok are only fuelling that hatred further.

● Episode 7: Stereotyping Dalits and Gurjars of the Hindu community

• A policeman is found to say things like Dalits are like Hindu deity Sheshnag, they will destroy everything on the way. Such stereotyping of the SC/ST community in the India as vandals, also spreads hatred in the society.


• Gurjars are stereotyped as dacoits, the surname ‘Gurjar’ is verily misused. If this was not enough, a dacoit Dunaliya is compared with Hindu God, Shri Ram. What was the need to include such things? The answer it seems is beyond sanity.

● Episode 8: Stereotyping of Brahmins, Casteist slurs and more Fake news

• As usual another hatred is pelted, now targeting the brahmin community. Casteist slurs decorate this episode. A brahmin girl is shown as a loose character prostitute. Her crazy lover says, “Does your father know his brahman daughter is being humped by a lower caste person?"

• Casteist slurs like “Brahman dev hain, Jalebi khate hain, Jalebi hagte hain (he is the brahmin lord, he eats and shits sweets),” are clearly defaming and targeting the Brahman community selectively.

Infact, if this wasn’t enough, a brahman leader Bajpayee, who seem to portray the famous UP CM Yogi Adityanath, is seen to be carrying Ganga jal i.e. holy water of the river Ganga, whenever he is visiting Dalits. However, this is another fake news.


• There were indeed news of the UP CM distributing soaps to Dalits. But is casteism really behind this incident? Uttar Pradesh is plagued by the disease Japanese Encephalitis. Uncleanliness is one of the major issues for the spread. Infact, due to such efforts by Up CM, the spread of the disease have decreased significantly in the state. Instead of getting applauded for his efforts, Yogi Adityanath got the propaganda called Paatal Lok. Ironically UP CM is not even a born Brahmin, he became Mahant by his karma.


The clever arms of propaganda, replacing UP CM with a fictional character.

BJP MLA Nandkishore Gurjar has filed a complaint against the producers of the web series and he said that a real image of a news article when UP CM Yogi Adityanath had inaugurated a highway project, has been morphed and used in the web series, while his photo is left as it is. He claimed that the makers of Paatal Lok took no permission from him for using his picture in such defaming propaganda.

• The Muslim cop says that he feels minorities are being threatened in this country, another arm of the Propaganda.


This series is like a group of Fake news compiled and inserted into a story. It seems the main challenge of the story writer must have been to find ways to spread hatred among different communities and how to divide the country in the name of caste, creed, class and religion. Do producers like Anushka Sharma not like the unity of incredible India? Why are they so hell bent on ruining it?

“Such propaganda is a common occurrence in such TV series, only thing is Paatal Lok has crossed all bounds this time. Be it portrayal of The Family Man, where an Indian Army officer is shown admitting to doing all kinds of atrocities done on innocent Kashmiris under the shroud of AFSPA. Or the famous Sacred Games where again, the most sacred quote of the Upanishads, among the basic tenets of Hinduism, “Aham Brahamsmi”, is left to be abused by memes and mockery. Or the disgusting show Leela, they have been doing it again and again, right under your nose.”

The sad part however is somehow the antinational narratives are being normalised by such shows and web series. The narrative where a soft corner of a inhuman criminal and murderer like ‘Hathoda Tyagi’, is normalised by showing that he has a heart too. The narrative where terrorism is justified, culprits are shown as victims and justifying pakistani lies are the norms, these web series keep serving and feeding on gullible minds of the nation like vultures.

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