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Learn to listen to your artists : The dark truths of the music industry

  • Vishwaksen | TeamPresentMirror | Updated: July 18, 2020, 9:59 a.m.

The fuel for the music mafia in Bollywood are actually the artists and the audience. The tale of dark truths in the music industry is not pretty to hear. An artist takes you towards what is needed to be done for bringing a possible change in the rotting music industry.


Do you listen to your artists? Asks a music composer and budding artist, Saurabh. The music industry is going through a rough phase lately. After an ignition created by Sonu Nigam, the talks on future of music industry in India are running hot. And the truth is not found in dreamland but in your own streets where hundreds of artists are being made and then thrown in to oblivion. You don’t even know their names. The dark truths behind a Bollywood song are not pretty to read, as the truth for the matter is often bitter.

Listen to what Saurabh has to say

The roots of the problem are more in our own localities than the dreamland that is Bollywood. Both the listeners and the artists are responsible for the rot in the music industry. Whenever an artist makes a content and approaches music industry, they are being made to sign a very skewed and unfair sort of agreement to launch their songs. The terms and conditions of the agreement are nothing but a live grave for the budding music talent in India.

What are the terms and conditions in such an agreement?

Most of these agreements make artists work without pay. The companies believe that an artist in the music industry doesn’t deserve to be paid. The artists are told that the companies have all the right to feature their content without seeking any permission of the creator. The companies just don’t stop at this. The intellectual property rights for the content is also snatched away from the artists.

The artists approach these companies in hopes that their content will get the right due. But the music companies in India are killing more talent than they are making. These companies rob the musicians of their rights and do commercial merchandising of their songs and sell their songs to big producers of the dream land. The recent expose of T-series by Sonu Nigam is just the tip of an iceberg in the music industry, says Saurabh.

But still many artists sign such experiments, many because they feel that until they get exploited, they cannot make a name in the music industry. These artists cannot even sing or perform their own composed and sung songs anywhere else without permission of these companies. Such are the fangs of music mafia in India. Saurabh told us that It is by signing such agreements the artists are keeping windows to exploit them open.

Artists are signing such agreements, out of desperation some out of hunger, though Saurabh believes that its not about “2 waqt ki roti”, its more about freedom to perform. The freedom to perform for an artist is greater than money or fame. It is in this freedom the art grows and prospers. It is this freedom that music companies have murdered.

Saurabh puts a very transparent question, “How many songs did you hear of Sonu Nigam lately?” Those who voice against this mafia culture in music industry meet very worse fates in their careers. Sushant Singhs in music industry are not even acknowledged if they disappear in darkness. Sonu Nigam is still a big artist. Think about hundreds of such young artists, who has to go through the hell fire of such music companies.

How people can bring about a change in the Music Industry?

There are music artists everywhere. Just look around even in your own locality you will find 4-5 musicians making quality content. In your big parties, instead of spending money on rented sound system, and play Bollywood songs in big speakers, call musicians in your area to perform and listen to their own compositions. A musician will come in a lesser cost than that. Saurabh says that he is quite confident that 2 out of those 5 in your area will produce better content than dreamland, Bollywood.

Until the overexerted importance around Bollywood songs is not normalized, Bollywood will not produce quality content. If you want good lyrics, a music that is lovely to hear, if you are tired of hearing autotuned trash, then be the flag bearer of change in your Locality. Learn to listen to your artists. And don’t do this to support those musicians, do because you want that change, says Saurabh.

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