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    Raja Parba: An unique festival in Odisha, a celebration of womanhood

    Raja (ରଜ, রজ, रज) (pronounced: Rajaw) Parba is the second most auspicious festival in Odisha, the first being the auspicious Rathyatra of Prabhu Jagannath. Raja Parba or the Mithuna Sankranti is a three-day long festival marked by the celebration of the womanhood of both the deities and the women.

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    Know Your Temples: 10 Wonders of India, a journey inside Bharat

    The glory of ancient Indian Temples, rings bells in the past as well as hints at opening possibilities in the future. Every Indian Temple is laden with mysteries, pinnacled in art and architecture, standing tall, intriguing your minds for more and ultimately being the gateway to the final goal of human civilization, liberation. The Akhand Bharat initiative is aimed towards igniting the glory of such temples. And what better if it has something in it for you too.

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    Know your Temples : Kamrunag, Baglamukhi, the homes to ancient legends

    Some temples in Himachal were witness to Mahabharat War, some had a place in the Ramayana. The Himalayas has some great stories and mysterious connotations associated with all such temples in its vicinity. Kamrunag and Baglamukhi are two such ancient temples, built in very simplest ways, who stand on the strength of the belief the devotees have in their deities.


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