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    Narrative building and stereotyping of the Truth by Bollywood

    They say art has no boundaries. They have no responsibility towards the nation. Let the soldiers die at border. From accommodating Pakistani artists to being completely silent on deaths of soldiers, standing with the Tukde gang at JNU and tweeting untruths on Delhi riots to save rioters, there is nothing hidden about what they are doing. And yet they make emotional fools out of public every time.

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    Bollywood Chinese link : People speaking Mandarin are giving 4 times the profit to Bollywood

    The humongous profit and emerging KWAN connection with China forces to raise questions on the inflow of Chinese yuan in Bollywood. For the last few years, Bollywood has found a new friend in China even beating Hollywood in grossing profits. However, now that the two Asian giants are surfacing an ignominious border conflict, authorities are skeptical if this fascination would still remain an honest source of amusement.

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    A Drugs, ISI Hub? : Unboxing the Pandora’s Box of Bollywood

    With the advent of Sushant’s case probing as a possible homicide, Kangana’s revelations about Bollywood, the entire political fiasco has opened the pandora’s box of the Bollywood. Drugs, ISI and the Casting Couch, an attempt to dive into the three darkest kept secrets of this quagmire.


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