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    Munger and Faridabad Horrors: Two Classic Cases of Government Apathy

    Two abhorring and spine-chilling news broke out on 26th October, 2020. One was about an attack by uniformed personnel on a Durga Visarjan procession in Munger, Bihar for no concrete reason and the other, about a Faridabad girl who was killed in broad daylight in a Love-Jihad case. Both the crimes have sent tremors among the public and are so detestable that they compel us to retrospect and confront the power corridors in the country.

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    Cries for Freedom of Hindu Temples reverberate, as Unethical attempts by TN, Andhra made to sell Temple land

    The government of Tamil Nadu has been in the spotlight in the recent years for the worst ever attempts made in acquiring temple lands or be it letting of Idols stolen from temples and smuggled to other places. Now, the TN government is trying to take over Shri Nareeswarar Temple land located at Veeracholapuram, Kallakurichi district, which was built around 1,500 years ago by the longest-ruling Chola Dynasty.

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    Are you blindly trusting food delivery services like Zomato?

    One of the major players in Food Delivery Market that we all are familiar with is Zomato. They have provided exceptional services to the customers, but every coin has a flip side. The customers are reporting various bad experiences lately. And the most worrying part being frequency of such incidents keeps increasing while the company has taken no visible steps to curb their irresponsibility.

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    Media consultant allegedly linked with Ministry of Ayush, abuses Hindus, compares PM Modi to Ravana

    The failure of the Hindu society to define its identity in crystal clear terms has given rise to a plethora of problems. Not only has it resulted in great confusion among the Hindus themselves but also it has provided a golden opportunity to its enemies to manipulate ignorant Hindus against their own faith and nation. Similar is the case of Niharika Singh, who claims to be Media consultant at Ministry of Ayush, a proud Marxist, takes pride in abusing the PM and Hindus.



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    NGT order on Cracker ban : To burst or not to burst, States divided amid triggering pandemic

    As Diwali approaches, the excitement to celebrate the festival of lights is marred by a huge concern as this Diwali has a threatening pandemic. Experts opine that more pollution will favour the virus spread, as it directly affects ACE2 receptors in lungs. Several states have banned firecrackers, reasoning the effects of the pandemic, while few states have refused to comply on the NGT order, citing one day ban to be ineffective.