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    Krishak Suraksha Abhiyan : BJP’s pro farmer bid, set to cover 49000 villages

    Assembly elections, in West Bengal are not very far away and BJP is eyeing nothing short of a victory in the upcoming elections. As it can be seen, the election preparations have already begun in the BJP camp. The BJP doesn’t want vibrations of Delhi to affect West Bengal. This is evident from the fact that a well organised Krishak Suraksha Abhiyan has been leaving it’s mark for the last two days in various parts of North Bengal.

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    Sadashiv Rao Bhau : Understanding the Character who led the third battle of Panipat

    The 260th anniversary of the third battle of Panipat reminded us of the great battle where the Maratha army faced the Afghans under Ahmad Shah Abdali. Sadashiv Rao was chosen to halt the Afgan rising. Moreover, his uncompromising stance against people like Surajmal and even Abdali is seen as a critical point of strategic failure. Let’s dwell into some Truth.

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    PUBG Mobile in India : Too near yet too Far…

    PUBG is back and back with a bang. The company has finally decided to do away with the Chinese link, and the Korean Mothership Krafton has formed a new company PUBG Mobile India Pvt. Ltd which has been registered by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, however the green signal from MEITY is still pending. PUBG India will be different from its Global counterpart.

  • Kashmiri_Hindu_Exodus.jpg
    Kashmiri Hindu Exodus : Jagmohan, a historical villain or a silent saviour?

    Jagmohan Malhotra, known by the mononym Jagmohan, is a former Indian civil servant and politician belonging to the Bharatiya Janata Party, formerly a congressman. It is however his role in Jammu and Kashmir and his stint as a Governor there on two terms that needs to be known. His actions have long been considered controversial, stabbed by Gandhis, as he witnessed a unilateral massacre of Kashmiri Hindus in the valley.


Corona Health Update

  • Bharat-Biotech-Covaxin-gets-global-recognition.jpg
    India’s Covaxin published at Lancet, strikes global deals with USA and Brazil

    Bharat Biotech's Covaxin is yet to announce its Phase III results, however it has already struck deals with Brazil and USA to supply the vaccine. This comes after the famous British medical journal, Lancet, published a study on the effects of Covaxin, and said that the vaccine doses were well tolerated and only moderate vaccine-related adverse events were encountered. The randomised study was carried on 375 participants between the age of 18-55 across the country.



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    Is being priest a sin, asks the Family of a minor Nirbhaya, brutally raped and murdered in Begusarai

    A daughter of a Temple Priest, was raped and murdered in cold blood in the district of Begusarai, Bihar. The culprits in this case are alleged to be a group of youths from the Paswan community. The pin drop silence of usual players in the Media and a blank response from the Political dispensation as well as the opposition, suggests that the usual players prefer to be mum when it doesn’t suit their agenda and even Nirbhayas in this country are selective.



    South African strain-a threat to vaccines?

    A coronavirus variant identified in South Africa has been suggested to be more infectious by initial evidence and reports show more young people getting infected with the new strain. But what really raises our concern is that some scientists are impugned about the capacity of vaccines. They doubt that the South African strand may not be as vulnerable to COVID-19 vaccines as other strains.