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Did Aliens visit Odisha in 1947?

  • Saswat Routray | Updated: Sept. 2, 2020, 8:11 a.m.

Two months before India got its independence, two young villagers from Nayagarh region of Odisha had stated a strange experience. Had the experience made up to the contemporary mainstream news media, it would have changed the history of scientific discovery in India.


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Once a friend mockingly asked me- Why do aliens only visit USA in Hollywood movies?

I understood the joke he intended, but I kept the answer in serious tone- “Don’t you think if aliens really want to conquer Earth, they should first gather info about world’s most powerful country? In fact, if aliens are visiting earth to invade, then they should visit USA and if aliens are intending to visit earth as explorer then they should visit India.”

Why India? Simply because India is a nation of nations, a country with highest degree of cultural diversity in a single ancient civilization. No other surviving civilization ever had so much diversity.

May be the aliens who visited India had similar views too.

On the night of May 31st of 1947 , exactly two months before India got its independence, the two young villagers of Nayagarh, saw a strange and huge object descending from the sky and landing inside the jungle at the hilly tracts behind their village. Being curious, they approached the object and were greeted by some "strangers like whom they had never seen anybody before”. They claimed that they were invited to a sort of "tour" of the strange object. Later, based on the descriptions of the beings given by the two villagers, a Pattachitra artist of that village had engraved the descriptions on a Pattachitra (palm leaf engravings). The Pattachitras depicted a variety of anthropomorphic robots, or perhaps creatures in metal suits.


Image Source: Blog on Secrets and Mysteries of India

Two weeks after the incident, an Odia Berhampur daily mentioned the event in their edition. However, the anonymous reporter termed the villagers 'highly imaginative'.

Years later, award winning Pattachitra artist Mr. Panchanna Maharana had made copies from the original Pattachitra, which are available in his workshop at Puri near Jagannath Temple.



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One of the palm leaf engravings that Panchanna has, shows the “Yantra Purusha” wearing a spacesuit with pincer-like hands rising as if offering a blessing! Hemispherical devices protruding from the heads of the aliens are a recurring feature in many of the engravings. Some depictions have aliens having ball-shaped hands.


Image Source: Blog on Secrets and Mysteries of India


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It should be noted that first spaceship to moon was carried on 1959. The first spacesuit worn by Yuri Gagarin took place in 1961. Man first landed on moon in 1969. If the two villagers were imaginative, how did they imagine extraterrestrial beings with such great depth when man's space activity took place almost one and half decades later?

If these claims were indeed true, then these Pattachitras are perhaps the most accurate and closest description of extraterrestrial life forms and their technical culture.

The incidents are also recorded in the book " The Obliterary Journal " published by Blaft publication. The interesting fact is, after one month of the Nayagrah incident, a mysterious crash was famously reported near Roswell, New Mexico. In the most well-publicized and most controversial of all "UFO sightings" anywhere in the world, the US Air Force first claimed to have captured a flying saucer, but later denied it.

By the way, 10,000 year old cave paintings found in Chandeli and Gatitola villages in Charama region, Kanker district of Bastar, Chhattisgarh have depictions of aliens and UFOs.

Do aliens regularly visit us?

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