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    Rafale is here : Reminiscing the Rafale dance fail, a back story

    Golden Arrows Warriors of 17 squadron have landed in Ambala with 5 Rafale jets, making India among the few countries to have the world's best battle ready aircraft. While the emotions in the country among the citizens and veterans is at heights, the Rafale Deal has been marred with politics and propaganda. Attempts were being made to stay the deal at all costs, while the IAF waited and waited for Rafales that now have become a national emotion.

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    Sino Indian duel : Xi Jinping Chinese Traps and the Indian Modi Retaliation

    While Xi Jinping is trying his best to corner India by laying number of traps around the subcontinent, a fiery and calculated Modi is standing firm, tieing chains one after another around the already wounded Dragon in the Galwan Faceoff. Amid tensions in countries like Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Armenia etc., the world is on the verge of witnessing a world war where the power pendulum will oscillate between two centres, New Delhi and Beijing.

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    Chinese Warfare Doctrine: Understanding the ways of the dragon

    Chinese dominion is ringing at Indian borders and only a shift of policy and proper understanding of the Chinese war doctrine can save the world's largest democracy. The war however will not just be fought at the military level. The WZC doctrine and 3Ws of Chinese warfare has to be countered by joint participation of the Indian populace and the Modi government.


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