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    The contradistinctions of Bhagat Singh’s Legacy – Is it of the Right or the Left?

    Bhagat Singh, a challenge to Gandhi-inspired Indian nationalists, Hindu nationalists, Sikh nationalists, the parliamentary Left and the pro-armed struggle Naxalite Left equally, forcing them to compete with each other, trying to appropriate the legacy of Bhagat Singh, and yet each one of them just contradicts with each other. The contradistinctions of the Bhagat Singh among the various factions of the Political Spectrum in India, never became a contradiction for his dream of a Free India.

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    Manik Sharma Murder : Exposing the ISI - Khalistani Terror nexus in Punjab

    The brutal murder of a youth leader Manik Sharma in Amritsar has opened a can of worms for the infamous ISI – Khalistani Terror nexus of Punjab. Manik was not the first victim and neither will he be the last. The deep ISI hand in the growth of Khalistani Terror modules in Punjab is uncanny and cannot be ignored. It is only a matter of time till this gets blown up into something the Nation would not be able to undo.

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    India's operation snow leopard to rescue Tibet from BRI

    The Chinese communist party was staring at a mighty debt bubble and ghost cities for quite long. And was able to curb down the people’s unrest till then. But then came bigger problems of the food crisis, scarcity of adult women of marriage age for the young men in millions and lack of economic opportunities. And Beijing put forth the Tibet capture formula as the Belt & Road Initiative for the World.


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