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    Are you blindly trusting food delivery services like Zomato?

    One of the major players in Food Delivery Market that we all are familiar with is Zomato. They have provided exceptional services to the customers, but every coin has a flip side. The customers are reporting various bad experiences lately. And the most worrying part being frequency of such incidents keeps increasing while the company has taken no visible steps to curb their irresponsibility.

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    How this NE startup is the next big thing for the cloud kitchen in India

    The drought for a proper food delivery service in Sikkim has now ended. A promising cloud kitchen desi Startup, FoodVro is all set to begin its services. Over 14.5 Lac tourists visit Sikkim every year. And it is surprising that yet Sikkim doesn’t have a Food Delivery Kitchen. FoodVro is here to change all that.

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    Will social distancing ruin the Travel during pandemic?

    The pandemic numbers are only increasing. For travelling buffs, the life during pandemic has changed everything. The essence of Travel during pandemic needs to be touched. Can you still travel like before? Will this pandemic restrict the real fruits of travel? Will such travel be complete?


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