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Laxmii : Another Anti-Hindu addition to an already downward spiralling Bollywood industry

  • Team PresentMirror | Sukanya Sarma | Updated: Nov. 22, 2020, 9:19 p.m.

Hyped up via huge promotion rounds through social media advertisements, Laxmii fails at grabbing even the slightest attention from the very audience it expects to be blinded by their hedonistic virtue signalling calls. Laxmii leaves no stones unturned into its make-believe story-weaving capabilities and takes a step even further, to monotonously point out the problems with the Hindu culture, all the while hailing Islamic practices to the highest ordeals.


This is a movie that cannot be avoided as just another ordinary Bollywood propaganda game. At least, not in the year 2020. After all what has been happening around the world, it is simply impossible to dismiss a religious propaganda like this anymore. It is an open insult to the hundreds of millions of people of this land and their traditions that have seldom hurt the community at large, which is what Laxmii failingly attempts to disprove.

As observed by the trends of yesteryears, it is not the least surprising instance of the same old boring narrative of a Hindu woman and a Muslim man fighting all odds of the society to prove that 'love' is beyond 'religious differences'. Lakshmii begins with similar zeal.

Co-written by Farhad Samji and co-produced by Shabinaa Entertainment, the set up of the story begins with a married couple; a Muslim man, Asif (portrayed by Akshay Kumar) and a Hindu woman, Rashmi (portrayed by Kiara Advani) who elope and get married against Rashmi's parents' wishes, set out on a plan to make her family accept their marriage once and for all. Asif ventures out on a mission to prove to Rashmi's family that she took the right decision of marrying him. A perfect recipe for the most controversial issue in the nation, Love Jihad.

It is important to note that the film's title was altered due to a legal notice sent to the filmmakers on behalf of Shri Rajput Karni Sena, according to which, the film's title was argued to be disrespectful to Goddess Laxmi. Initially titled 'Laxmmi Bomb', it was then be released as 'Laxmii'.

The plot basically revolves around the old, boring tried and tested formula of negating Hindu practices and showing Hindu sadhus and gurus under a bad light (see 2014's Amir Khan starrer PK).

At one point in the movie, a saffron-clad Hindu Sadhu (Baba) is portrayed as a fraud, who deceives people by showing common chemical reactions as 'magic'. Baba is shown fooling people by inferring that the girl is possessed by a ghostly spirit. Of course, Asif is shown to come and save the day by exposing the Baba. A something which doesn’t change the movie’s main story at all. But then if it is not bashing some Hindudised homies and showing them their place, how else do you think the Bollywood can keep the secularism spirit up?

What's even interesting is that later in the movie, as the storyline progresses, Asif, who was so heroically proving that there were no ghosts, himself gets possessed by some ghostly spirit and funnily enough, a Muslim Peer Baba (Maulvi) helps him get rid of the ghost by using Zamzam water.

In another scene, Asif is shown ridiculing Mata ka Jagrata in front of a crowd on a stage by singing a parody of Apna Time Ayega while everyone simply laughs at it. If this isn't an attack at Hindu sentiments and a mockery of devotion of Hindus then what is!

Later in the movie, a sad societal tragedy about a person who was born eunuch is shown. The society shuns the person out for being a eunuch and no one is accepting of the situation. And of course Abdul Chacha, another Muslim man comes to the rescue and names this person 'Laxmii'.

Laxmii comes with no surprises, zero zeal, full blown hateful jibes at Hindus and preachings of great virtues of a religious community that was linked with terror ploys in the very current year! This is not even remotely close to putting out a narrative that can control unwired minds of the viewers. This is purely an attempt at whitewashing a whole religious community and a damage control over the rising anti-Islam sentiment that has gone worldwide in 2020.

It has come to our notice that writer Farhad Samji changed the original story of movie ‘Kanchana’ of which Lakshmii is a remake. The secular twitch in the movie has even destroyed the essence of original story which fared much better. The OTT platform Disney Hot Star has suffered heavily due to this film. As per latest reports, Lakshmii, originally made with a budget of 76 crs, sold digital rights for 138 crs, but the movie has led to loss of 110 crores to Disney Hot Star. Seeing such abysmal performance, the OTT platform which earlier used to buy movies on the actor’s value has decided to change the process.

But Akshay Kumar knows how to play the communal game. He is all set to come up with his next Flick Ram Setu, an attempt seen by experts to win back trust of Hindus. This is a long-drawn strategic game played by Bollywood on emotions of the Indian populace largely Hindus.

ramsetu_akakshykumar Image File : A poster release of Khiladi Kumar’s next movie Ram Setu.

How cleverly put out ideas and false notions in the pretext of communal harmony has been used to convey a message that would have possibly been a huge success a few decades ago! Not anymore. People are awake now. Lakshmii deserves no more than 1 star for its terrible show. Even on OTT it is an adventure for those who can tolerate it for straight 2 hrs.

But then there's the gullible Indian masses, sitting within the comfort zone of their homes scrolling through their favorite OTT platform for the latest garbage production of Bollywood. Grab some popcorns, maybe!

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