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    How this NE startup is the next big thing for the cloud kitchen in India

    The drought for a proper food delivery service in Sikkim has now ended. A promising cloud kitchen desi Startup, FoodVro is all set to begin its services. Over 14.5 Lac tourists visit Sikkim every year. And it is surprising that yet Sikkim doesn’t have a Food Delivery Kitchen. FoodVro is here to change all that.

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    A tale of unstained Tatas : Are they above criticism?

    The Tanishq controversy has yet again raised pointed questions at the intent of Tatas. While Tatas have been the Nationalist figure in the country, their past is ladened with controversies from which Ratan Tata have come out surprisingly unstained always. A look at these controversies indicate that no other Man in India could have come out of this as flawless.


Corona Health Update

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    A ray of sunshine as clinical trials of Ayurvedic Remedy for COVID-19 shows spectacular results

    While WHO speculates that almost 10% of the world population has already been infected with Covid-19, a groundbreaking interim report on a clinical trial conducted in the hospitals show that patients on Ayurvedic medication are resolving more symptoms than on conventional medicine. The answer to one of the most troubling Pandemic of the world may finally lie in the cultural root of every traditional household in the land of Bharat, Ayurveda.



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    Indian Air Force Day Parade : IAF releases Promo video, Know the attractions of October 8

    The day is coming when the Indian populace will witness the sounds of rotors, thunder of engines as roaring Rafales, indigenous Tejas and the hawky Apache take the auxillary flight displaying the valour and pride of the fourth largest airforce in the world. The cutting age technologies and rapid modernisation will be a treat to the eyes on state of art platforms, at the same time blaring conch at the empty Chinese threats on the LAC, behold the occasion that is Indian Airforce day.



  • Indian-Space-startup-boost-Agnikul.png
    Big Indian Space startup boost: Agnikul inks deal with Alaska aerospace

    The juvenile Chennai aerospace startup incepted in the year 2017, has inked an agreement with Alaska Aerospace to test launch its Vehicle titled Agnibaan. The small, nano, micro rocket maker's main idea is to help its customers launch vehicles economically. This is beginning of a new era in private space industry of India given the fact that government is laying the ground with the Space 2.0 initiative.